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“These support units restore health to injured or damaged troops, allowing them to sustain the attack for a longer duration. Heavy cavalry, generals and assault vehicles are healed for an additional amount.”

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog Supply Convoy is a level 6 Supply Vehicle unlocked in the Atomic Age. Its predecessor is the Heavy Supply Truck and can be upgraded to Heavy Supply Convoy. It is researched in the level 10 Armory.

General Information[]

  • The Supply Convoy heals the damaged troop that is close to it by throwing supplies at it. They will continually throw supplies at the damaged troop until it is fully healed.
  • The supplies the Supply Convoy throws can also heal troops that are close to the target troop that is supplied to.
  • If all the troops have full health, the Supply Convoy would remain stationary unless a troop gets damaged.
  • Supply Convoy cannot attack and therefore are defenseless.

Historical Description[]

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog was an all-purpose utility truck first released in 1947. The terms of surrender imposed on Germany included severe limitations on military manufacturing. As such, the Unimog was originally designed as a civilian agricultural vehicle. It became quite successful and was eventually adopted by the fledgling West German Army, then by other armed forces around the world. The Unimog is known for its ability to handle virtually terrain and has been used in a number of military capacities, including as a troop transport and a field ambulance. New models in the Unimog line are still being released.

Attack Strategies[]

  • Since Supply Convoy cannot attack and are defenseless, use Elite Infantry or Veteran SMG to defend them and cover them from enemies and defenses.
  • Supply Convoy only heal the closest damaged troop. If you want them to heal a troop that is badly damaged and distances away, try to recall by rally your troops to a safe spot so your Supply Convoy can heal it.