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To celebrate the launch of Global Age and our one year birthday, Supply Drops will appear around your town for a limited time! Open them while you can to receive rewards both big and small! The event will last from 12am UTC 4/8 - 2pm UTC 4/15.

A Supply Drop is a chache of supplies, usually food, equipment, or weapons. For the release of the Global Age, supply drops containing advanced units like Mortars, Bazookas, and Tanks are being given to players in earlier ages to let them try out the new features. There is also a chance that supply drops will contain Crowns or Resources like gold and food.

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In-game descriptionEdit

To celebrate the Global Age update, supplies are being air-dropped to help players advance their nation! Supply Drops have a chance to contain powerful Global Age units like Mortars, Bazookas, and tanks!

Global Supply Drop

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