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General Description[]

Sutton Hoo Helmet

Sutton Hoo Helmet is one of The Legendary Artifacts, that can be stored and displayed at Museum. It can be received from a Legendary Artefact Chest.

Historical Description[]

Sutton hoo is a 7th-century burial site located in modern-day England. During the site's excavation, archeologists discovered an 89ft burial-ship containing untouched kingship relics, including the Sutton Hoo helmet. The helmet's face mask is a unique feature that was never seen before on an Anglo-Saxon helmet. The face mask's decorations don't only mimic a human face but also serve aesthetic and protective purposes. The thick eyebrows, resembling a dragon's wings, are meant to protect the wearer's eyes, the dragon's body serves as the nose guard, and its fantail, or the moustache, stops upward blows.


Benefit Name Base Stat
All Enemy Defensive Tower Damage -1%
Heavy Cavalry Damage +1%
All Defensive Tower Damage +1%
Defender Hitpoints +1%
Defender Spawn Time -1%