Sword of Goujian Large

General Description Edit

Sword of Goujian

Sword_of_Goujian.png is one of The Legendary Artifact, that can be stored and displayed at Museum. It is purchased from limited time sale.

Historical Description Edit

The Sword of Goujian was discovered in 1965 next to a skeleton in a tomb in Hubei Province, China. The bronze blade remains shiny and sharp after at least 2,300 years with no signs of corrosion. Its remarkable state of preservation is likely due to the near-airtight scabbard in which it was found. Scholars have interpreted eight archaic Chinese characters engraved on the blade to mean that it belonged to Goujian (r. 496-465 BCE), a powerful king of the Yue state during the Spring and Autumn Period.

Statistic Edit

Benefit Name Base Stat
Heavy Infantry Hitpoints +11%
Heavy Infantry Damage
Enemy Defender Spawn Time
All Resources Looted
Defender Damage
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