T-62 Tank
T-62 Tank
Health 29,924 Health icon
Damage per second 753
Damage vs Resource Buildings 226
Damage Multiplier 33%
Range 3
Strength High Hitpoints
Weakness Vulnerable to Anti-Tank Guns
Favorite Targets Defensive buildings
Required Goods 1 Diamond
8 Metal
General Information
Mercenary Camp Level Level 9
Army Size 1
Troop Type Mercenary Tank

Well-armored tanks that can make and deal a large amount of damage.

The T-64 Tank is a Mercenary Tank available at Mercenary Camp level 11. The previous mercenary of this type is the Jagdpanzer.

Historical Description Edit

In the early 1960s the U.S.S.R. had learned that NATO's innovations in armor had rendered the Soviet T-55 tank obsolete. Their answer came swiftly with the introduction of the T-62 main battle tank. As the first tank was manufactured with a smoothbore barrel, it was capable of firing kinetic energy penetrating rounds that could pierce the latest NATO armor. Later versions of the T-62 were equipped with explosive reactive armor (ERA), which uses small detonations to disrupt armor-penetrating rounds at the moment of impact. This long-lived tank featured prominently in the Yom Kippur War, Iran-Iraq War, and Gulf Wars, and it continues to serve in many Middle Eastern and North African militaries.