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“The TYPE-89 IFV is a dual threat vehicle whose cannon deals listering damage to enemy defenders while continuously deploying JGSDF soldiers. The JGSDF soldiers swiftly tear through enemy defenses!.”

General Information[]

The TYPE-89 IFV Tank is an Event unit from Events that can used as Troop Tactics.

Historical Description[]

Infantry fighting vehicles, or IFVs, are designed to safely transport soldiers into battlefield environments and then provide fire support. Unlike armored personnel carriers or AOCs, they are expected to participate in direct combat and are therefore fitted with heavier weaponry. However, their guns are smaller than a proper tank's, freeing up more hull space for personnel and equipment.

Japan's Type 89 IFV began development in 1980 and entered service in 1989. It can carry seven infantry in addition to the crew of driver, gunner, and commander. With its 35mm rapid-fire autocannon and anti-tank guided missile launchers, it is capable of dishing out serious damage to enemy armored vehicles. Iits support capabilities are enhanced by an array of smoke grenade dischargers on the sides of the turret. Out of the inital order of 300, about 120 have been delivered, but to date they have never been deployed outside Japan.


Level Hitpoints Health icon DPS Damage DPS against Defenders Damage JGSDF Soldeir Damage Per second Damage

JGSDF Soldier Hitpoints Health icon

Troops/Army TroopSpace
1 1,815 68 136 113 353 1
2 2,888 81 162 171 414 1
3 3,414 97 194 225 430 2
10 14,201 375 751 737 1,418