General Information Edit

Tactics are the supporting advantage in attacking players and bases in DomiNations. Tactics can be deployed during battle and provide a special advantage to the player during that battle. They are purchased using Food from the War Academy and researched at the Blacksmith.

War Academy Tactics Edit

Tactics that can be created in the War Academy. Tactics listed by order of availability to the player.

Level of War Academy Tactic Age Unlocked Brief Description Tactics Space TroopSpace Train Time Clock
1BarrageClassical Age Damages enemies over a small area. 135m
First Aid Heals troops in an area. 140m
2Sabotage Disables enemy defensive buildings in an area. 135m
3ProtectMedieval Age Troops used on take less damage. 135m
4DemolitionGunpowder Age Deals heavy damage on a building. 135m
5BetrayalEnlightenment Age Some enemy troops joins your side. 135m
6DecoyIndustrial Age Creates fake army for defensive buildings to shoot at. 145m
7Assault RallyGlobal Age Increases troops damage, speed and resistance. 145m

Nation Tactics Edit

Tactics that are available for specific Nations.

Tactic Available to Brief Description Train Time
Teutonic FuryGermans Increases Damage by 15% Earned upon a Multiplayer victory.

Wonder Tactics Edit

Tactics that are received from specific Wonders

Tactic Available by Wonder Brief Description Recharge


Strength of the GladiatorColosseum Temporarily increases attack speed and damage of some troops. 24h
BlitzkriegBrandenburg Gate Disables defensive producing buildings in an area. 24h
SatellitesSpace Shuttle Disarms enemy traps 24h

Offensive Tactics Edit

Tactics that are received from specific Buildings

Tactic Available by Buildings Brief Description
Big Red ButtonMissile Silo Level 6 above Target and damage 1 or more random enemy buildings and its surrounding
SCUD MissileSCUD Missile Encampment Target and damage 2 random enemy buildings and its surrounding

Boosts Edit

The Battle Tactics Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Tactics:

  • Chapter 1 : Increases duration of War Tactics by 20%
  • Chapter 2 : Increases damage and healing of tactics by 10%
  • Chapter 4 : +1 Traitor gained from Betrayal
  • Chapter 5 : +20% hitpoints to Decoy

The research of Hannibal Barca in the University confers the following bonus to Tactics:

  • War Academy Tactics Upgrade Cost: -3% war Tactics upgrade cost per each skill level researched. (5 Levels).
  • War Academy Tactics Training Cost: -3% war Tactics cost per each skill level researched. (5 Levels).
  • War Academy Tactics Upgrade Time: -3% war Tactics upgrade time per each skill level researched. (5 Levels).
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