Attacking Strategies

  • HeavyCavalryStrats has a lot of health but is slow and has low attack power, so use it in groups.
  • HeavyCavalryStrats is weak against many defenses grouped together.
  • When pushing for trophies, you would need to destroy the Town Center or City Center. In many bases, the town center would be in the center of the base. First, train up an army of HeavyCavalryStrats and a Wall Breacher. When attacking, deploy your Wall Breacher and wait till it destroys the necessary walls. Then, deploy all your HeavyCavalryStrats units in the areas which the City Center is more close to. If there are a few defenses blocking the way, destroy them. Then rally your units to destroy the Town Center or City Center.
  • HeavyCavalryStrats would ignore defensive troops and would pursue their targets which are defensive buildings. However, if a defensive troop attacks it, the HeavyCavalryStrats will attack back until the defensive troop is killed; thus making it distracted. Try to use and deploy Ranged Infantry or Heavy Infantry after deploying the units to eliminate the defensive troops.

Defensive Strategies

  • HeavyCavalryStrats is a good alliance troop due to its high health; making it longer to kill them.
  • HeavyCavalryStrats units are spawned by Stable or Tank Depot. With their high health, they are good to slow down the enemies advance.
  • The Reinforcements technology in the Library spawns Main the units in the forest and they attack troops of the attacker.
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