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Temujin's Revenge Front Cover

“Demonstrate your mastery by using tactics in battle to receive a limited-time general. The world-conquering Genghis Khan will lead your forces to victory!”

The Temujin's Revenge is a 7-day event that specializes around Genghis Khan and his Dais. There is a total of 5 steps to receive Khan's Dais in where a specific amount of tactics is used to complete each step. This event started in August 31, 2016, and ends at September 6, 2016.

Historical Description[]

"Genghis Khan's early life was full of extreme hardships and setbacks. His father Tesukhei was head of the royal Borjigin clan until he was tricked and poisoned by the Tatars as revenge for kidnapping his wife, who was betrothed to the leader of the Merkit tribe. On his father's death, the young Temujin - Genghis Khan's birth name - was deemed too weak to rule. His family was reduced to scavenging the steppes for food as their rivals in the Tayichi'ut clan seized power in the tribe.

When Temujin married his betrothed Borte around age 16, the Merkits stole her away, but he rescued her with the help of powerful childhood friends. Later, the Tayichi'uts captured and enslaved him, amusing themselves by forcing him to wear a heavy wooden collar. He eventually escaped and began assembling an army on his own.

In time, he defeated the powerful Tatars and ordered the killing of every male taller than a linchpin (about three feet). He then conquered the Tayichi-uts and avenged his captivity by having their chiefs boiled alive. Finally, he destroyed the Merkits as well. The lesson: don't mess with Genghis Khan. How good are you at using stratagems to defeat your foes?"


Temujin's Revenge Front Page

Step 1: Use 5 Tactics*

  • x1 Genghis Khan

Step 2: Use 20 Tactics*

Step 3: Use 35 Tactics*

Step 4: Use 50 Tactics*

Step 5: Use 75 Tactics*

* = for Gunpowder Age players

Recommended Units and Buildings[]

  1. War Academy
  2. Raiders
  3. Armory
  4. Sabotage