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The Ninety Nines Event

General Description[]

The Ninety Nines Event begins soon! Go to your University and enjoy up to 75% off on all of Amelia Earhart's University skills for a limited time! (Event lasts from 14:00 UTC 10/9/2018 until 14:00 UTC 10/16/2018)

Amelia Earhart's University skills:

  • Level 1: Oil Production, S.A.M. Battery Damage, and Fighter Damage skills are 30% cheaper
  • Level 2: Aircraft Upgrade Cost skill is 40% cheaper
  • Level 3: Air Defense Damage, Bomber Damage, and Air Defense Hitpoints skills are 50% cheaper
  • Level 4: Paratrooper Damage, Transport Hitpoints, Fighter Hitpoints, and Bomber Hitpoints skills are 60% cheaper
  • Level 5: Earhart's final skill, The Ninety Nines is 75% cheaper!

Amelia Earhart was a pilot who blazed new aerial routes and set many firsts for women in aviation. One of her many accomplishments was founding an organization for women aviators called the Ninety Nines. For her remarkable achievements, as well as her mysterious disappearance in the Pacific Ocean in 1937, Earhart remains one of the most famous pilots of all time.