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Greetings Leaders,

Welcome to another edition of our Road Ahead, dedicated to delving into the future prospects of DomiNations. Here, we take a look into upcoming content and features, unveiling what's in store for the journey ahead. While we strive to be more transparent and forward-thinking in sharing our plans, it's important to note that many of the topics we discuss are still in development and subject to change in the ever evolving landscape of our roadmap.

Before diving in, we want to take a moment and look back at some of the strides we’ve made in 2023. One of our primary focuses this year was to improve the Quality of Life in many areas of the game. From toggling donated defenders, to increasing Artifact storage, to finding ways to smooth out the time spent in game with one-touch gathering. There has also been a major focus on getting new players through the earliest parts of the game faster, creating a denser, more competitive experience for those farther along in the Ages. In some cases, we were able to pivot our roadmap entirely when our goals did not align with player expectations. So much of this has come directly from your input!

We've also released several new Legendary Artifacts and Councilors, a new University Leader, launched Seasons and multiple events, and most recently expanded into the Automation Age with the Manufactory! Plus, there's been so much more work going on behind the scenes, including massive efforts to find and remove cheating accounts and reduce game crashes.

Closing out 2023[]

The year isn’t over yet and we have an exciting Winter for the Ages ahead! We want to encourage as many players as possible to rise through the Ages, so our key change during this season will include ALL Ages (up to Drone Age) to be included in the maximum amount of discounts for the given Age Rush timeframe. This means, as soon as Winter for the Ages begins on December 17th, all Age Rush discounts will be 60%. This, in conjunction with the recent Progression Acceleration, are sure to allow you to advance your base more than ever before during the Winter for the Ages Season!

In addition to Winter for the Ages, we’re updating some of Marco Polo’s ad rewards throughout the week to include:

  • Token Tuesdays - 2 Legendary Tokens every Tuesday
  • Wartime Wednesdays - 1 (or more) select Troop Tactic every Wednesday
  • Instant Retrain Thursdays - 1x 1 hour Instant Retrain Blessing every ThursdayWe’re continuing to build on these and would love to hear what you’d most like to see in Marco’s video ad rewards.

We’ve also got some exciting news for DomiNations World as we continue to grow this feature. We will be launching our first iteration of the DomiNations World stats page so you can take a look at your history in DomiNations! See how many victories you’ve claimed, troops you’ve trained, rabbits you've maimed, and more!

Let us know what you would like to see, there’s more stat additions to come!

As we look forward to the holiday season with our loved ones, we're also preparing for an impactful start to 2024, especially in terms of our War strategies. Let's delve into some of the key changes we're currently developing to enhance the World War experience.

World War Improvements[]

As we aim to make World Wars both more competitive and more rewarding, we are working on a new ranking system, called Glory Tiers, that are intended to replace the current Glory System and the Alliance Glory-Based Leaderboard. This feature is still very early in development and while we are currently aiming to release in late spring, we can’t yet commit to a specific timeframe. We will keep you updated on our progress on this early next year.

Another war feature we are looking to implement is Custom War Matches. With this, players can organize their own Wars with other alliances, with no glory or XP gain/loss. We hope this will lead to more community-driven tournaments and challenges, and we are eager to see how creative you get with this option!

Additionally, we’re planning to make Conqueror’s Chests more attainable in World Wars. They will be awarded to all players in the winning Alliance as long as they completed both of their attacks - regardless of Stars earned. This improvement is currently expected in early spring next year.

Additional Noteworthy Items[]

We will continue to introduce an array of new Councilors and Legendary Artifacts throughout 2024. Some of these names may already be familiar to you and some may acquaint you with historical people and events for the first time, but all will help you craft a more powerful army just the way you want.

A final note regarding Museum Loadouts, as mentioned in our 12.1 Release Notes, we're still working hard on this feature and are aiming to release this in our next update - currently planned for late January. Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we navigate these developments together.

We hope you enjoyed this taste of things to come! There is much excitement across the team in delivering this content to you and we can’t wait to share our plans for what lies beyond the updates mentioned today!. We'd love to hear your thoughts! What are you most looking forward to and what do you hope to see in the next Road Ahead?