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Greetings Leaders, and welcome to our first 2024 Road Ahead!

Earlier this year, we introduced Museum Loadouts to simplify and enhance your experience in setting up War ready museums. We’re glad to hear how impactful this addition has been and appreciate feedback that has helped us to quickly address any issues within the feature! We are close to finishing our final bug fixes based upon your reports but please continue to share any further input on Museum Loadouts.

We previously mentioned the introduction of Custom War Matches and rewarding more Conqueror’s Chests. We’re happy to announce both of these will be available in our next release, which we aim to roll out within a few weeks!

As for Glory Tiers, we're taking extra time to put in additional care to this massive overhaul. From reworking our rematch prevention and ensuring more competitive matches to completely revitalizing the UI we're still dedicated to enhancing this exciting feature, but it might not be ready by spring as initially anticipated. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated on our progress. One significant change we've made is renaming the feature to Tournament of Glory!

DomiNations’ 9th Anniversary[]

Come and celebrate with us as we mark this incredible achievement! These last nine years of growth and transformation with our DomiNations community have been an extraordinary journey.

This year we have many exciting things in store, including unveiling new Artifacts and more opportunities to stock up on Legendary Tokens. Plus, you may just find some ‘instant’ gratification for those roads and resource buildings you’ve been meaning to upgrade.

Thanks to the upcoming Custom War feature, we'll be celebrating the occasion with a special Community War!

Stay tuned as we'll have even more events and offers to announce in our 9th Anniversary blog coming out at the end of the month!

DomiNations World[]

You may have seen the big news, but DomiNations is now available to play on PC as part of our DomiNations World Beta!

Find out how to get started on our blog at:

Have you taken a look at your DomiNations stats at Let us know what additional stats you’d like to see on this page.

New Additions[]

Automation Age players can look forward to our next set of building upgrades in our 12.4 Release. Furthermore, we’ll have additional quality of life changes and new features planned for release in the coming months!

New Event Goals:[]

We’re adding more variety to the way you play with the addition of several new Event Goals in an upcoming release. Stay tuned for new ways to engage with events and earn rewards!

Store Improvements:[]

As we've added more events and store options over time, we've noticed that the current interface has become a bit complex. To create a more user-friendly experience and improve our ability to create better offerings, we're working on simplifying and streamlining the Store interface.

Themed Reward Tracks:[]

Did you catch our recent events Plane Assault and Crown Boost? They're part of our latest initiative aimed at providing more focused event rewards across the reward track. We still have more of these on the way! What are some themes you would like to see on our Seasonal reward tracks?

Usable Buildings When Upgrading:[]

Another exciting improvement we’ve got under the hood is adding functionality to some buildings while upgrading, including the Library, University, Parliament, Barracks, Factory, and Airstrip. Instead of coming to a standstill while upgrading these buildings, they will still be usable for research, troop upgrades, and retrains. This addition is early in progress and we’re aiming to have it ready by late Spring or early Summer.

Thank you for joining us in this Road Ahead! We're eager to hear from you. What upcoming features or developments are you most excited about? Your feedback helps us shape the future of our game and our community.

Until next time Leaders!