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The Thunder of Cannons Event

The Thunder of Cannons Event is coming soon! Kill enemy defenders in Multiplayer Battles and World Wars to earn the brutally powerful Big Bertha Cannons! (From 15:00 UTC 11/15/2018 until 15:00 UTC 11/22/2018)

Historical Description[]

The M-Gerat, commonly referred to as “Big Bertha”, was a German siege howitzer used during World War I. On August 2nd 1914, the Big Berthas, were organized into a battery and sent to the Western Front, accompanied by 240 men. This Battery was the first to be sent into battle to bombard the Fort de Pontisse, one of twelve forts built in the late 19th century in Belgium. The fort surrendered after just 2 days. The battery then moved to Fort de Liers, but they surrendered before the battery had even finished emplacing.

The name Big Bertha came from the German soldiers naming the gun “Dicke Berta” in reference to Bertha Krupp, head of the Krupp family, a prominent 400 year old German dynasty from Essen.


The Thunder of Cannons Event

Kill enemy defenders in Multiplayer Battle and World War (3x for cavalry, tanks, heavy tanks, and Generals)

Step 1: Kill 40 Defenders

Step 2: Kill 600 Defenders

  • Reward: 700,000 Food

Step 3: Kill 2,500 Defenders

Step 4: Kill 4,000 Defenders

  • Reward: 1,900,000 Gold

Step 5: Kill 5,500 Defenders

*Reward amount depends on age. The value above displayed in Cold War Age.