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The Toa is the special unit for the Maori unlocked in the embassy and can only be used in world wars. They are a defensive unit and help as forest defenders during world wars.

Hictorically Descriptions[]

Toa is the Maori word for warrior. Traditionally, Maori children grew up playing games that honed their reflexes for combat. As young men, they entered schools called para whakawai where they trained in weapon techniques and battle formations. Toa wielded many kind of weapons such as two-handed staves, one-handed clubs and spears of various lengths. These were considered toanga or 'treasurs' and often passed down from generation to generation. While war had some rituals like the famous haka dance, it was also a brutal affair where ambushes and other tricks were common. For example, if one tribe invited another to an event, these was a chance either that the guests or the hosts, might suddenly attack.


Level Hitpoints Health icon Damage per second Damage DPS against Tanks Damage
1 1,042 43 215
2 1,160 47 235
3 1,546 55 275
4 2,100 62 310
5 3,000 74 370
6 3,648 86 430
7 4,200 100 500
8 4,620 109 545