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Trade Good Shipment

General Information[]

Trade Good Shipments are a form of conservable loot storage. Each Trade Good Shipment can include 3 each of the 5: Cider, Leather, Fur, Diamonds and Metal. Trade Good Shipments are a great source of resources in case Trade Goods are needed for Mercenaries, Blessings. Trade Good Shipments cannot be raided.

How to Obtain[]

Trade Good Shipments can be obtained from your Storehouse with a purchase of 10 Icon Crown. You can also obtain Trade Good Shipments by sending your citizens on Voyages through your Dock/Anchorage/Shipyard. Cities that you can voyage to for Trade Good Shipments include:

City Shipyard Level Trade Good Shipments Citizens Citizen Time Clock
Ashkelon 1 1 3 2h
Massalia 2 2 6h
Tamralipti 3 2 12h
Sunda Kelapa 4 2 5 2d
Manila 5 3 1d
La Rochelle 6 3 5 4d
Rangoon 7 4 3d

Other Information[]

Trade Good Shipments are great for storing up Trade Goods for time when you need them, such as when you cannot hunt Wildlife or harvest Fruit Trees or Gold Mines. Trade Good Shipments are also great since they cannot be raided by enemies, resulting in you being able to pass the Storehouse's capacity limit without loosing a single Trade Good Shipment.


(They can't be raided so don't store them in walls like this)