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There are five types of Trade Goods: Cider, Diamonds, Fur, Leather and Metal. Trade Goods are available starting in the Stone Age and are used to purchase Blessings and Mercenaries, or for shipments of Gold, Food, or Oil.

Collecting Trade Goods[]

Trade Goods can be collected in the following ways:

All of the Trade Goods can be stolen from an enemy player if the player destroys the enemy storehouse.

Storehouse Level 1

The storehouse can store trade goods. Upgrade it to increase the capacity of the number of trade goods that can be stored.

Daily Dock Bonuses can give out Trade Goods as well in trade ships. The player can choose one out of three Trade Goods to help their city. The amount of Trade Goods for each choice depends on what league the player is in.

The wonder Angkor Wat provides bonus Trade Goods once per day. Trade Goods can also be looted from other bases in multi-player or collected as a "Daily Dock Bonus" based on League ranking.

Trade Goods are stored in the Storehouse. Upgrade the Storehouse to increase the capacity of goods that can be stored. Crowns can be used to purchase a shipment of Trade Goods at the Storehouse.


Trade Goods can be used to:


Trade Goods Obtain from Mercenaries Blessings Shipments
Cider Cider Fruit Tree, enemy Storehouse, Assyrian Horse Raider, Steppe Horse Raider, War Elephant, Condottieri Raider, Mahout, Bedouin Raider, Flammpanzer, BRDM-1, Tank Destroyer, 2K12 Kub, Heavy Tank Destroyer, DRDO Pinaka, Type 99 Tank Gathering, Loot, Armor, Training, Air Defense, Tactics Gold Gold icon
Diamonds Diamond Enemy Town Center, enemy Storehouse, 5-star victories and rarely 3-4. Persian Heavy Cavalry, War Elephant, Templar Knight, Mahout, Hessian Cavalry, Flammpanzer, Jagdpanzer, Tank Destroyer, T-62 Tank, Heavy Tank Destroyer, EE-T1 Osorio Tank, Type 99 Tank, Yatagan Tank Weapon, Fortification, Training, Animal, Air Defense, Oil, Air Superiority Oil Oil icon
Fur Fur Bear, Bunny, Fox, enemy Storehouse, Nubian Archers, Hittite Warrior, Greek Javelineer, Hun Warrior, Chinese Hand Cannon, Ronin, Tercio, Gurkha, Legionnaire, Freedom Fighter, Irish Peacekeeper, Soldier of Fortune, Ethiopian Peacekeeper, PMC Soldier, United Nation Peacekeeper Gathering, Weapon, Tower, Defender, Air Superiority, Trap -
Leather Leather Boar, Deer, enemy Storehouse, Hittite Warrior, Assyrian Horse Raider, Hun Warrior, Steppe Horse Raider, Ronin, Condottieri Raider, Gurkha, Bedouin Raider, Freedom Fighter, BRDM-1, Soldier of Fortune, 2K12 Kub, PMC Soldier, DRDO Pinaka Loot, Storage, Fortification. Tower, Oil, Trap -
Metal Metal Gold Mine, enemy Storehouse, Nubian Archers, Greek Javelineer, Persian Heavy Cavalry, Chinese Hand Cannon, Templar Knight, Tercio, Hessian Cavalry, Legionnaire, Jagdpanzer, Irish Peacekeeper, T-62 Tank, Ethiopian Peacekeeper, EE-T1 Osorio Tank, United Nation Peacekeeper, Yatagan Tank Storage, Armor, Animal, Defender, Tactics, Food Food


Council Councilors[]

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Library Technology[]

  • Banking
    • Ch. 2 = Increases Diamond chance by 20% for 3 or 4 star wins


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VIP Bonuses[]

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Parliament Laws[]

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