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“Limited time Diamond Mine. Yours coffers will be filled to the brim with Diamonds and Golds!”

Trade Mansa! is an event that specializes in the Diamond Mine. This event started from 9 AM UTC 9/14 until 9 AM UTC 9/21.

Historical Description[]

"The Mali Empire was a large trade empire in West Africa during the 13th to 17th centuries. Its town where used as staging points for long distance caravan routes, allowing it to dominate the trade for gold, salt, copper. Are you collecting enough Trade Goods to further your empire?"


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Step 1: Collect 15 trade goods***/45 trade goods ****.

Step 2: Collect 35*** trade goods.

  • Reward: 100,000 gold ***/375,000 gold ****.

Step 3: Collect 65 trade goods ***/190 trade goods ****.

Step 4: Collect 100 trade goods ***/290 trade goods ****. 

  • Reward: 300,000 gold ***/1,100,000 gold ****

Step 5: Collect 150 trade goods ***/420 trade goods ****. 

* Number of collected trade goods will add up.

** Steps and rewards may vary depending on the age of the player.

*** For Medieval Age and below

**** For Gunpowder Age and up

Recommending Buildings and Technologies[]

  1. Mercenary Camp
  2. Animal Blessing
  3. Hounds