Strategic Transport

Strategic Transport Mk.6 is currently the highest level of transport available in the game.

“deploy Paratroopers onto the battlefield from above. Paratroopers do not cause enemy defenders to spawn. Tap anywhere to designate the drop location. Transports must wait to load more troops before they can be re-deployed.”

Transports are the third type of air unit to use in the game DomiNations. They're unlocked by upgrading the Airstrip to level 3 in the Global Age.

General informationEdit

Transports airplane's AI is to fly to the target area from the nearest perimeter, drop Paratroopers, and then fly back to where it came from. It can be used repeatedly through the battle if it is not destroyed. Though it will take a few moment cooldown, before the Transports airplane can be deployed again.

Transports airplane takes 3 Air Space. It has 30s deployment cooldown (without upgrade) and deploys 3 Paratroopers at the target area each time it runs.

The Paratroopers, once deployed, will attack the nearest building. Against Town Centers, they deal 85% less damage. They won't trigger enemy defenders to spawn (except Generals).

From Heavy Transports above, Transports will deploy Airborne Infantries instead of Paratroopers.



Transporter Plane Statistics
Name Age Airstrip Level HP Health icon Paratroopers / Airborne Infantry
DPS Damage
Paratroopers / Airborne Infantry
DPS vs Town Center Damage
Paratroopers HP Health icon Cost Oil icon Upgrade Cost Oil icon Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp
Transport Mk.1 Global Age 3 3,540500753,250455 - - -
Transport Mk.23,720588883,413475160,0006d1,395
Transport Mk.33,9007001053,575500170,000
Transport Mk.44,1048051203,751525180,000
Transport Mk.54,3209251383,939580190,000
Transport Mk.64,5361,0631594,141635200,000
Heavy Transport Mk.1 Atomic Age 4 4,7641,0951644,355670210,0007d1,515
Heavy Transport Mk.24,9921,1281694,563700220,000
Heavy Transport Mk.35,2201,1701754,771735230,000
Heavy Transport Mk.45,4841,2051805,010770235,000
Heavy Transport Mk.55,7601,2431865,260810240,000
Heavy Transport Mk.66,0481,2781915,522850245,000
Reinforced Transport Mk.1 Cold War Age 5 6,3501,3432015,798875250,0007d 12h1,575
Reinforced Transport Mk.26,6531,4052106,075900255,000
Reinforced Transport Mk.36,9551,4702206,351935260,000
Reinforced Transport Mk.47,3031,5442316,668965265,0008d1,630
Reinforced Transport Mk.57,6681,6222437,001990
Reinforced Transport Mk.68,0521,7042557,3501,020
Strategic Transport Mk.1 Space Age 6 8,6571,7982697,746  ? 8.5d ?
Strategic Transport Mk.28,8791,8842827,824
Strategic Transport Mk.39,3231,9652948,042
Strategic Transport Mk.49,7902,0603098,296 1,020 ?
Strategic Transport Mk.510,2792,1583238,427
Strategic Transport Mk.610,7942,2553388,615
Advanced Transport Mk. 1Digital Age7????1,060??d1,900
Advanced Transport Mk. 2????????
Advanced Transport Mk. 3????????
Advanced Transport Mk. 4????????
Advanced Transport Mk. 5????????
Advanced Transport Mk. 6????????

Boosts Edit

The Aviation Technology at the Library confers this bonus to the Transports:

  • Chapter 5 : Increases Aircraft health by 10%.

The Elite Paratroopers Technology at the Library (Level 10 technology) confers the following bonuses to the Transports:

  • Chapter 1 : +10% Transports hitpoints.
  • Chapter 2 : Reduces Transports deployment cooldown by 1 second.
  • Chapter 3 : +10% Paratrooper hitpoints.
  • Chapter 4 : +10% Paratrooper attack.
  • Chapter 5 : Reduces Transports deployment cooldown by 2 seconds.

Amelia Earhart at the University confers the following bonuses to the Transports:

  • Aircraft Upgrade Cost: -5% upgrade resource costs for Aircraft (5 levels).
  • Paratrooper Damage: Increases damage of Paratroopers by 3% (10 levels).
  • Transports Hitpoints: Increases hitpoints of Transport aircraft by 3% (10 levels).
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