A Troop Tactic Banner

Troop Tactics are expendable groups of soldiers, vehicles or airplanes, that can be brought into battle alongside the player's army. Troop tactics do not require space in any of the army installations, but a limited number may be brought into a single battle depends on the Stronghold level. Troop tactics are stored in the Stronghold

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Troop Tactics have Level label attached to it. It indicates how strong the Troop Tactics are. Troop Tactics that are obtained other than Expedition from Shipyard will be at a certain Level correspond to your Town Center / City Center Age.

Age Troop Tactic's Level
Iron Age 1
Classical Age
Medieval Age 2
Gunpowder Age 3
Enlightenment Age 4
Industrial Age 5
Global Age 6
Atomic Age 7
Cold War Age 8
Space Age 9
Digital Age 10
Information Age 11

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

There are six ways in which troop tactics can be obtained: won in a special event, received from an expedition, purchased in a promotional sale, found in a chest, received as a holiday gift, or - in rare cases - received as compensation for major game issues from the developers.

Special Events[edit | edit source]

The Consulate, a temporary Event Building that produced the first troop tactics to be introduced to the game

Most events will offer a troop tactic as a prize - usually one (1) at the first level, two (2) at the third level, and either a temporary building that produces the troop tactic's signature troops or additional troop tactic(s) at the final level.

Expeditions[edit | edit source]

Many of the available expeditions at the Dock will bring back troop tactics, as indicated by the expedition information.

League Boats / Victory Chests[edit | edit source]

Sometimes league boats (e.g., Copper, Silver, Gold, ...) offer individual troop tactics, as do once-daily Victory Chests after compiling enough stars during Multiplayer action. More commonly Troop Tactics are not offered here, but it does happen.

Chests[edit | edit source]

In chests sold by Marco Polo each week; some of the available prices are troop tactics. Also sometimes sales offer chests. Chests typically have a luck component; click the (?) on the chest's description screen to see the odds. For example, typically temporary buildings (e.g., Elephant Archer stable) have low odds at around 1%. This description also clarifies how many tactics you'll get per chest.

Holiday Gifts[edit | edit source]

During the Winter season, a rare event occurs in which airdrop supplies appear on the borders of a player's base. These can be opened to receive all sorts of items, usually including a few modern troop tactics as well.

Compensation[edit | edit source]

In the case of a particularly obstructive error/glitch (such as one that may cause server errors and prevent certain players from entering the game), players may receive a troop tactic as an apology for the problems.

Usage[edit | edit source]

To activate troop tactics, enter the Stronghold building and activate whichever ones you desire for your next battle. Remember to choose wisely, since a limited number can be activated at a time. This number is limited by your Stronghold's level. A troop tactic only disappears when used, and you can switch them in and out of your stronghold without using them. You can switch in a Troop Tactic by selecting it in the Stronghold. You can switch out a Troop Tactic by tapping the Troop Tactic in Troops Tray (A tray consist all the troops assigned to battle), and then tapping the minus sign once appear. The Troop Tactic will then go back to your Stronghold inventory.

To deploy a troop tactic, tap on a valid area in battle. Similarly to mercenaries, alliance troops, and coalition attack forces, a banner will be dropped in the selected location to mark where the troops will spawn from (excepting airstrike tactics). They can be used just like the aforementioned group of miscellaneous troops in addition to being consumed after a single use in battle, regardless of whether the troops survive or not.

Only in World Wars, troop tactics can be donated to allied players Stronghold's to be used in defense. When attacked, the troop tactic will pour forth from the stronghold to take on the invaders.

War Agreements and Troop Tactics[edit | edit source]

Two war opponents may agree to not use troop tactics; either on offense, defense, or neither. While an alliance's description may include terms like 0SH and 0TT in their alliance description, typically the two alliances must agree beforehand; typically via Discord or Line. Then the leaders convey this information to the alliance members ASAP. There is no way to enforce this behavior so, essentially, it's an oral agreement. However, teams that have pledged to follow the 0SH/0TT rules are listed as Official 0SH/0TT teams and when matched with each other agree to follow the rules without necessarily making contact with each other.

The related terms are:

  • 0SH: Use no (0 - 'zero') troop tactics in war base strongholds during wars. In addition, because of the power of Elephant Archers, often this also includes agreeing to not use Elephant Archers on offense. In addition, 0SH typically requires that any deployed bazooka towers be moved to the side of a war base.
  • 0TT: The same as 0SH, but also use no troop tactics on offense either.

This practice is becoming more common mainly due to the P2W component of using them; that and having the feeling of a more even playing field.

List of Troop Tactics[edit | edit source]

Dock, Anchorage, Shipyard[edit | edit source]

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Name Picture Type of Troop How to obtain
Horse Raider Army
Horse Raider Army.png
2 Horse Raider Voyage from Babylon in Level 1 Dock
Egyptian Army
Egyptian Army.png
3 Soldier

3 Nubian Archers

Expedition to Memphis in Level 1 Dock
Companion Army
Companion Army.png
1 Companion Expedition to Corinth from level 2 Dock
Trojan Army
Trojan Army-0.png
5 Hoplite

1 Archer

Expedition to Troy from Level 2 Dock
Libyan Army
Libyan Army-0.png
3 Composite Bowman

1 Horse Raider

Expedition to Cyrene from Level 2 Dock
Legionary army
Legionary army-0.png
2 Wall Miner

6 Heavy Legion

Expedition to Ostia from Level 3 Dock
Hellenic Army
Hellenic Army-0.png
1 Royal Companion

4 Phalanx

Expeditions to Athens from Level 3 Dock
Punic Mercenary Army
Punic Mercenary Army-0.png
1 War Elephant

4 Greek Javelineer

Expeditions to Carthage from Level 3 Dock
Merchant Convoy Army
Merchant Convoy Army-0.png
4 Landsknecht

1 Supply Cart

Expedition to Lübeck from Level 4 Anchorage
Yuan Dynasty Army
Yuan Dynasty Army-0.png
6 Royal Chu Ko Nu

2 Steppe Horse Raider

Expedition to Quanzhou from Level 4 Anchorage
African Elephant Army
African Elephant Army-0.png
1 War Elephant

1 Elephant Archer

Expedition to Kilwa from Level 4 Anchorage
Greek Fire Thrower Army
Greek Fire Thrower Army-0.png
Greek Fire Thrower Expedition to Constantinople From Level 4 Anchorage
Conquistador Army
Conquistador Army-0.png
4 Tercio

1 Bombard

Expedition to Havana from Level 5 Anchorage
Pike and Shot Army
Pike and Shot Army-0.png
7 Halberdier

7 Arquebusier

Expedition to Amsterdam from Level 5 Anchorage
Indian Elephant Army
Indian Elephant Army-0.png
1 Siege Elephant

1 Mahout

Expedition to Goa from Level 5 Anchorage
Green Standard Army
Green Standard Army-0.png
1 Cuirassier

4 Fire Dragon

1 Guard Mortar

Expedition to Guangzhou from Level 6 Anchorage
Napoleonic Light Army
Napoleonic Light Army-0.png
2 Hussar

2 Voltigeur

Expedition to La Rochelle from Level 6 Anchorage
Sepoy Army
Sepoy Army.png
8 Sepoy Expedition to Calcutta from Level 6 Anchorage
British Expeditionary Army
British Expeditionary Army.png
6 Black Watch

1 Machine Gun

1 Supply Truck

Expedition to London from Level 7 Shipyard
Baltimore Fencibles Army
Baltimore Fencibles Army.png
1 Engineer

2 Artillery

Expedition to Baltimore from Level 7 Shipyard
Desert Rebel Army
Desert Rebel Army.png
6 Shock Infantry

1 Motorcycle Raider

3 Bedouin Raider

Expedition to Alexandria from Level 7 Shipyard
1 Zero Expedition to Kure from Level 8 Shipyard

Expedition to Shanghai from Level Level 10 Shipyard

Expedition to Tulum from Level Level 12 Shipyard

Demolition Squad Army
Demolition Squad Army.png
1 Veteran Commando

1 Heavy Bazooka

1 Flamethrower

Expedition to San Francisco from Level 8 Shipyard

Expedition to Novorossiysk from Level 10 Shipyard

S-35 Tank Army
S-35 Tank Army.png
2 S-35 Tank Expedition to Cherbourg from Level 8 Shipyard

Expedition to Port of Antonio from Level 10 Shipyard

Nato Army
Nato Army.png
1 AVRE Tank

1 Attack Helicopter

2 Heavy Field Mortar

Expedition to Halifax from Level 9 Shipyard
ROK Army
ROK Army.png
8 Republic Rifleman


1 Supply Convoy

Expedition to Incheon from Level 9 Shipyard
Frontier Force Army
Frontier Force Army.png
1 Field Howitzer

4 Veteran Machine Gun

1 Veteran Combat Engineer

Expedition to Karachi from Level 9 Shipyard
Wall Breacher Army
4 Valiant Field Mortar

2 Honored Machine Gun

2 Valiant Combat Engineer

Expedition to Dubrovnik from Level 11 Shipyard
Anti-Tank Army
Anti-Tank Army(1).png
2 Veteran RPG

2 Expert Machine Gun

5 Elite Infantry

Expedition to Busan from Level 11 Shipyard
Armored Assault Army
Armored Assault Army(1).png
1 Assault Vehicle

1 APC Mk.5

2 Armored Car Mk.7

Expedition to Karachi from Level 11 Shipyard
2 Anti-Infantry Army
Anti-Infantry Army-2.png
1 MRL Mk.3

5 Elite Rifleman

2 Advanced Machine Gun

Expedition to Cairo from Level 12 Shipyard
2 Aerial Strike Army
Aerial Strike Army(1).png
1 Honored Attack Helicopter

1 MRL Mk.3

2 Valiant Field Mortar

Expedition to Berlin from Level 12 Shipyard

Event, Chest, and Other[edit | edit source]

Ground Units (Regular)[edit | edit source]

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Name Picture Type of Troop How to obtain
Heavy Vandal Army
Heavy Vandal Army.png
15 - 35 Heavy Vandal
Caesar's Legion Army
Caesar's Legion Army.jpg
15 - 35 Caesar's Legion
Nodachi Samurai Army
Nodachi Samurai Army.jpg
15 - 35 Nodachi Samurai
Elite Infantry Army
Elite Infantry Army.jpg
15 - 40

Elite Infantry

Bundeswehr Army
Bundeswehr Army.jpg
15 - 40 Bundeswehr
Friuli Infantry Army
Friuli Infantry Army.png
15 - 40 Friuli Infantry
JSDF Soldier Army
JSDF Soldier Army.jpg
15 - 40 JSDF Soldier
King's Longbowman Army
King's Longbowman Army.png
15 - 35 King's Longbowman
Fire Lance Army
Fire Lance Army.png
15 - 35 Fire Lance
Elite Hwarang Army
Elite Hwarang Army.png
15 - 35 Elite Hwarang
Veteran SMG Army
Veteran SMG Army.png
15 - 40 Veteran SMG
Green Jacket Rifleman Army
Green Jacket Rifleman Army.jpg
15 - 40 Green Jacket Rifleman
People's Rifleman Army
People's Rifleman Army.jpg
15 - 40 People's Rifleman
Republic Rifleman Army
Republic Rifleman Army.png
15 - 40 Republic Rifleman
Veteran Motorcycle Raider Army
Veteran Motorcycle Raider Army.png
4 - 13 Veteran Motorcycle Raider
Guard Chevalier Army
Guard Chevalier Army.png
3 - 6 Guard Chevaliers
Elite Royal Companion Army
Elite Royal Companion Army.jpg
3 - 6 Elite Royal Companion
Main Battle Tank Army
Main Battle Tank-.png
2 - 4 Main Battle Tank
ARL-44 Tank Army
ARL44 Tank Army.jpg
2 - 4 ARL-44 Tank
Centaur Tank Army
Centaur Tank Army.jpg
2 - 4 Centaur Tank
MBT Mk2 Army
MBT Mk.2 army.jpg
2 - 4 MBT Mk2
Veteran Combat Engineer Army
Veteran Combat Engineers Army .jpg
3 - 10 Veteran Combat Engineer
Field Howitzer Army
Field Howitzers Army.jpg
4 Field Howitzer
Heavy Artillery Army
Heavy Artillery Army.jpg
4 Heavy Artillery
Supply Convoy Army
Supply Convoy Army.jpg
2 - 5 Supply Convoy
Field Mortar Army
Field Mortar Army.jpg
2 - 7 Field Mortar
Heavy Field Mortar Army
Heavy Field Mortar Army.png
2 - 7 Heavy Field Mortar
Attack Helicopter Army
Attack Helicopter Army.png
2 - 5 Attack Helicopter
Heavy Attack Helicopter Army
Heavy Helicopter Army.jpg
2 - 5 Heavy Attack Helicopter
Kamov Ka-50 Army
Kamov Ka-50 Army.png
? Kamov Ka-50 Events /
Advanced Troop Chest /
Assault Vehicle Army
Assault Vehicle Army.jpg
2-4 Assault Vehicle
TAMSE VCA 155 Army
TAMSE VCA 155 Army.png
? TAMSE VCA 155 Events /
Advanced Troop Chest /
Heavy Machine Gun Army
Machine Gun Army.jpg
6 - 13 Heavy Machine Gun
Veteran Machine Gun Army
Veteran Machine Gun Army.png
6 - 13 Veteran Machine Gun
Elite Commando Army
Elite Commando Army.png
? - 3 Elite Commando
Semtex Specialist Army
Semtex Specialist Army.jpg
? Semtex Specialist Events /
Advanced Troop Chest /
Heavy Tank Mk.3 Army
Heavy Tank Mk.3 Army.jpg
1 - 2 Heavy Tank Mk.3
Heavy Tank Mk.4 Army
Heavy Tank Mk.4 Army.png
1 - 2 Heavy Tank Mk.4
Heavy Tank Mk.6 Army
Heavy Tank Mk.6 Army.png
1 - 2 Heavy Tank Mk.6
T-90 Heavy Tank Army
T-90 Heavy Tank Army.jpg
2 T-90 Heavy Tank Events /
Advanced Troop Chest /
Bazooka Army
9 Bazooka
Veteran Bazooka Army
Veteran Bazooka Army.jpg
3 - 10 Veteran Bazooka
AT4 Bazooka Army
AT4 Bazooka Army.png
? AT4 Bazooka Events /
Advanced Troop Chest /
Armored Car Mk.3 Army
Armored Car Mk.3 Army.png
3 - 4 Armored Car Mk.3
APC Army (Mk.1)
APC Mk.1 Army.png
1 - 4 APC
APC Army (Mk.4)
APC Mk.4 Army.jpg
1 - 4 APC
MRL Mk.1 Army
MRL Army .jpg
3 - 5 MRL Mk.1
Flammpanzer Army
Flammpanzer Army.jpg
1 - 2 Flammpanzer
Mangonel Army
Mangonel Army.png
2 - 8 Mangonel Events /
Chest /
Sales /
formed as Mongols Coalitions troops
Eagle Warrior Army
Eagle Warrior Army.png
11 - 39 Eagle Warrior Events /
Chest /
Sales /
formed as Aztecs Coalitions troops
Ghigau Army
Ghigau Army.jpg
2 - 8 Ghigau Events /
Advanced Troop Chest /
Sales /
formed as Cherokee Coalitions troops
Marine Army
Marine Army.jpg
6 - 19 Marines Events /
Advanced Troop Chest /
Sales /
formed as Americans Coalitions troops
Kagnew Infantry Army
Kagnew Infantry Army.jpg
3 - 8 Kagnew Infantry Events /
Advanced Troop Chest /
Sales /
formed as Ethiopians Coalitions troops

Ground Units (Events)[edit | edit source]

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Name Picture Type of Troop How to obtain
Ninja Army
Ninja Army.png
2-4 Ninja Mark of the Assassin! Events/
Enter the Ninja! Events
Ancient Chest /
trained at Ninja Dojo as regular troops
Shinobi Army
Shinobi Army.png
1-4 Shinobi Mark of the Assassin! Events/
Enter the Ninja! Events
Ancient Chest /
trained at Ninja Dojo as regular troops
Oni Ninja Army
Oni Ninja Army.png
3-5 Oni Ninja Mark of the Assassin! Events/
Enter the Ninja! Events
Ancient Chest /
trained at Ninja Dojo as regular troops
Pathfinder Army
Pathfinder Army.png
10-20 Pathfinder The Great Frontier! Event and Troops Chest
Impi Army
Impi Army.png
17-39 Impi Zulu Strike Event, Chest and Troops Chest
Janissary Army
Janissary Army.png
6-13 Janissaries Guns of the Sultan Events /
Fortune Chest/
Feudal Troop Chest
Yumi Samurai Army
Yumi Samurai Army.jpg
1-4 Yumi Samurai Yabusame! Events /
Ancient Chest /
Sales /
trained as regular troops at Samurai Stable
Pirate Army
Pirate Army.jpg
10-20 Pirates Pirate Raid Event
Assassin Army
Assassin Army.jpg
2-4 Assassin Hidden Daggers! Events /
Feudal Troop Chest /
Sales /
trained as regular troops at Assassin Fortress
Master Assassin Army
Master Assassin Army.jpg
1 Master Assassin Hidden Daggers! Events /
Feudal Troop Chest /
Sales /
trained as regular troops at Assassin Fortress
Shieldmaiden Army
Shieldmaiden Army.jpg
4-7 Shieldmaidens Valhalla Awaits Event /
Antique Chest /
Ancient Troop Chest /
Viking Army
Viking Army.png
4-7 Vikings Events /
Ancient Troop Chest /
Mongol Orlok Army
Mongol Orlok Army.jpg
2-4Mongol Orlok Events /
Troops Chest /
Ha-To Heavy Mortar Army
Ha-To Heavy Mortar Army.jpg
2-4 Ha-To Heavy Mortar Events /
Troops Chest /
Voltigeur Army
Voltigeur Army.png
8-8 Voltigeur Forging Allegiance Event /
Antique Chest /
Retiarius Gladiator Army
Retiarius Gladiator Army.png
2-4 Retiarius Gladiator Events /
Ancient Troop Chest /
Sales /
trained as regular troops at Ludus Magnus
Camel Cataphract Army
Camel Cataphract Army.png
3 - 7 Camel Cataphract Ironclad of the Desert Event /
Feudal Troop Chest /
Sales /
trained as regular troops at Camel Stable
Jaguar Warrior Army
Jaguar Warrior Army.png
2-5 Jaguar Warrior Aztec Rituals Event, Third Voyage of James Cook Event /
Troops Chest
AVRE Tank Army
AVRE Tank Army.png
3 AVRE Tank Tank Chest
Finnish Ski Infantry Army
Finnish Ski Infantry Army.jpg
15-35 Finnish Ski Infantry Events /
Chest /
Ancient Army
20180407 153821.jpg
17 Spearman

17 Slinger

third anniversary Events
Feudal Army
Feudal Army.jpg
Elite Chevalier  Supply Cart third anniversary Events
Renaissance Army
Renaissance Army .jpg
4 Guard Mortar

1 Cannon

third anniversary Events
World War Army
World War Army.jpg


third anniversary Events
I-Go Tank Army
I-Go Tank Army.png
4-8 I-Go Tank Events /
Chest /
Sherman Crab Tank Army
Sherman Crab Tank Army.jpg
2-4 Sherman Crab Tank Tank Chest
Immortal Army
Immortal Army.jpg
1 Immortal Marco Polo /
Lavish Chest /
Ancient Troop Chest /
Thief Troop Army
20180429 142617.jpg
4 - 12 Thief Sale
Celtic Chariot
Celtic Chariot Army.jpg
4 - 8 Celtic Chariot Events /
Chest /
Medjay Warrior Army
Medjay Warrior Army.png
6-13 Medjay Warrior Events /
Ancient Troop Chest /
M50 Ontos Army
M50 Ontos Army.png
2-4 M50 Ontos Events /
Advanced Troop Chest /
Korean War Battalion Army
Korean War Battalion Army.png
2-4 Korean War Battalion Events /
Modern Troop Chest /
Buffalo Soldier Army
Buffalo Soldier Army.png
2-6 Buffalo Soldiers Events /
Modern Troop Chest /
Mandekalu Cavalry Army
Mandekalu Cavalry Army.png
2-4 Mandekalu Cavalry Events/
Feudal Troop Chest /
Walloon Guard Army
Walloon Guard Army.png
4-8 Walloon Guards Events/
Feudal Troop Chest /
Greek Fire Thrower Army
Greek Fire Thrower Army.png
4-10 Greek Fire Throwers Events /
Ancient Troop Chest /
Flamethrower Army
Flamethrower Army.png
6-10 Flamethrowers Guadalcanal event /
Marco Polo /
Advanced Troop Chest
M67 Flame Thrower Tank Army
M67 Flame Thrower Tank Army.jpg
2-4 M67 Flame Thrower Tank Events /
Chest /
Ball Tank Army
Ball Tank Army.jpg
2-4 Ball Tank Events /
Chest /
Ka-25 Assault Helicopter Army
Ka-25 Assault Helicopter Army.png
3-6 Ka-25 Assault Helicopter Events /
Chest /
Sales /
trained as regular units at Helicopter Hangar
Mil Mi-24 Army
Mil Mi-24 Army.png
2 Mil Mi-24 Events /
Chest /
Sales /
trained as regular units at Helicopter Hangar
AH-1 Super Cobra Army
AH-1 Super Cobra Army.png
2 AH-1 Super Cobra Events /
Chest /
Sales /
trained as regular at Helicopter Hangar
CH-53E Super Stallion Army
CH-53E Super Stallion Army.jpg
1 CH-53E Super Stallion Events /
Chest /
Outlaw Army
Outlaw Army.png
2-13 Outlaw Events /
Chest /
Executioner Army
Executioner Army.png
2-4 Executioner Events /
Chest /
Plague Doctor Army
Plague Doctor Army.png
2-4 Plague Doctor Events /

Plague Chest
/ Halloween Chest /

Plague Catapult Army
Plague Catapult Army.png
2-4 Plague Catapult Events /

Plague Chest
/ Halloween Chest /

French Arbalestier Army
French Arbalestier Army.png
8 French Arbalestier Forged in Fire: Steel Crossbow Event
Black Band Mercenary Army
Black Band Mercenary Army.png
8 Black Band Mercenary Forged in Fire: Landsknecht Event
Ironside Cavalry Army
Ironside Cavalry Army.png
5 Ironside Cavalry Forged in Fire: Mortuary Sword Event
Rajput Warrior Army
Rajput Warrior Army.png
3-5 Rajput Warrior Forged in Fire: Hooded Katar Event
Brotherhood in Arms Army
Brother In Arms Army (Brotherhood In Arms).png
1 dark Brother in Arms

1 light Brother in Arms

Forged in Fire: Knightly Pole Axe Event
Dutch Civil Guard Army
Dutch Civil Guard Army.png
2-4 Dutch Civil Guard Forged in Fire: Flamberge Rapier Event
Kensei Army
Kensei Army.png
3-8 Kensei Forged in Fire: Odachi Event
Doppelsöldner Army
Doppelsoldner Army.png
2-8 Doppelsöldner Events /
Chest /
Scottish Highlander Army
Scottish Highlander Army.png
4-8 Scottish Highlander Events /
Chest /
Harlem Hellfighters Army
Harlem Hellfighters Army.png
4-8 Harlem Hellfighters Events /
Chest /
Big Bertha Army
Big Bertha Army.png
2 Big Bertha The Thunder of Cannons Event /
Chest /
A7V Tank Army
A7V Tank Army.png
2 A7V Tank WWI Tank Chest /
Whippet Tank Army
Whippet Tank Army.png
2-4 Whippet Tank WWI Tank Chest /
Odessa Tank Army
Odessa Tank Army.png
2-5 Odessa Tank WWI Tank Chest /
M109 Howitzer Army
M109 Howitzer Army.png
2-4 M109 Howitzer WWI Tank Chest /
Colonial Ranger Army
Colonial Ranger Army.png
4-8 Colonial Ranger Events /
Chest /
Minuteman Army
Minuteman Army.png
2-4 Minuteman Events /
Chest /
Sepoy Army
Sepoy Army.jpg
6-12 Sepoy Events /
Chest /
Shaolin Monk Army
Shaolin Monk Army.png
3-7 Shaolin Monk Events /
Chest /
Spy Army
Spy Army.png
1 Spy Events /
Chest /
Leopard 1 Army
Leopard 1 Army.png
1 Leopard 1 Events /
Chest /
Matchlock Samurai Army
Matchlock Samurai Army.png
3-7 Matchlock Samurai Events /
Chest /
Sheridan Tank Army
Sheridan Tank Army.png
4-8 Sheridan Tank Events /
Chest /
Panther Tank Army
Panther Tank Army.png
2-4 Panther Tank Events /
Chest /
T28 Super Heavy Tank Army
T28 Super Heavy Tank Army.png
2 T28 Super Heavy Tank Hobart's Funnies Events /
Chest /
Char 2C Super Heavy Tank Army
Char 2C Super Heavy Tank Army.png
2 Char 2C Super Heavy Tank Hobart's Funnies Events /
Chest /
KV-2 Super Heavy Tank Army
KV-2 Super Heavy Tank Army.jpg
2 KV-2 Super Heavy Tank Hobart's Funnies Events /
Chest /
War Rhino Army
War Rhino Army.jpg
2 War Rhino Events /
Chest /
Motor Machine Gun Service Army
Motor Machine Gun Service Army.png
3 - 6 Motor Machine Gun Service Events /
Chest /
M46 Patton Tank Army
M46 Patton Tank Army.jpg
2-4 M46 Patton Tank Events /
Chest /
Siege Elephant Army
Siege Elephant Army.png
2-3 Siege Elephant Events /
Chest /
Sales /
trained at Elephant Stable
Elephant Archer Army
Elephant Archer Army.png
2 Elephant Archer Events /
Chest /
Sales /
trained at Elephant Stable
Elephant Archer? Army
Elephant Archer? Army.jpg
2 Elephant Archer? Events /
Chest /
Hwacha Army
Hwacha Army.png
2-4 Hwacha Events /
Chest /
Dual Pistol Cuirassier Army
Dual Pistol Cuirassier Army.png
3-6 Dual Pistol Cuirassier Events /
Chest /
I-Go Tank Army
I-Go Tank Army.png
4-8 I-Go Tank Events /
Chest /
M46 Patton Tank Army
M46 Patton Tank Army.jpg
2-4 M46 Patton Tank Events /
Chest /
Big Red One Army
Big Red One Army.png
1-4 Big Red One Shotgunner

1-4 Big Red One Machine Gunner
1-4 Big Red One Rifleman
1-4 Big Red One Mortar

Events /
Chest /
Carro Veloce Flamethrower Tank Army
Carro Veloce Flamethrower Tank Army.png
2-4 Carro Veloce Flamethrower Tank Events /
Chest /
Fire Breathing Bunny Army
Fire Breathing Bunny Army.jpg
6-10 Fire Breathing Bunny Events /
Chest /
War Mastodon Army
War Mastodon Army.jpg
2 War Mastodon Events /
Chest /
Winged Hussar Army
Winged Hussar Army.jpg
3-7 Winged Hussar Events /
Chest /
Humvee Army.jpg
2-5 Humvee Events /
Chest /
Marine Bazooka
Marine Bazooka Army.jpg
3-12 Marine Bazooka Events /
Chest /
Spartan Army
Spartan Army.jpg
4-8 Spartans Spartans Events /
Chest /
Duster Tank Army
Duster Tank Army.jpg
2 Duster Tanks Events /
Chest /
TOS-1 Tank Army
TOS-1 Tank Army.jpg
?-3 TOS-1 Tanks Events /
Chest /
Qinglong Ji Army
Qinglong Ji Army.jpg
?-8 Qinglong Ji 5th Aniversery Events /
Troops Chest /
Cromwell's Cavalry Army
Cromwell's Cavalry Army.jpg
?-5 Cromwell's Cavalry 5th Aniversery Events /
Troops Chest /
Zweihander Army
Zweihander Army.jpg
?-8 Zweihander 5th Aniversery Events /
Troops Chest /
Katar Infantry Army
Katar Infantry Army.jpg
?-4 Katar Infantry 5th Aniversery Events /
Troops Chest /
Sword Saint Army
Sword Saint Army.jpg
?-8 Sword Saint 5th Aniversery Events /
Troops Chest /
French Crossbowmen Army
French Crossbowmen Army.jpg
?-8 French Crossbowmen 5th Aniversery Events /
Troops Chest /
TYPE-89 IFV Tank Army
TYPE-89 IFV Tank Army.jpg
?-4 TYPE-89 IFV Tank Events /
Chest /
Black Hawk Medic Army
Black Hawk Medic Army.jpg
2-5 Black Hawk Medic Events /
Chest /

Air Units (Regular)[edit | edit source]

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F-15 STOL.jpg
F-15 STOL Events /
Chest /
Tupolev Tu-160
Tupolev Tu-160.jpg
Tupolev Tu-160 Events /
Chest /
Recon Mk6
Recon Mk6.jpg
Recon Mk6 Events /
Chest /

Air Units (Events)[edit | edit source]

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Red Baron
Red Baron.png
Red Baron Events /
Chest /
Captain Rickenbacker
Captain Rickenbacker.png
Captain Rickenbacker Events /
Chest /
P-40 Warhawk
P-40 Warhawk.jpg
P-40 Warhawk Events /
Chest /
P-51 Red Tail
P-51 Red Tail.png
P-51 Red Tail Events /
Chest /
Sepecat Jaguar
Sepecat Jaguar.jpg
Sepecat Jaguar Events /
Chest /
FA-18 Hornet
FA-18 Hornet.jpg
FA-18 Hornet Events /
Chest /
Captain McConnell
Captain McConnell.jpg
Captain McConnell Events /
Chest /
Night Witch
Night Witch.png
Night Witch Events /
Chest /
B-17 Bomber
B-17 Bomber.png
B-17 Bomber Events /
Chest /
Sales /
B-17 Hangar
B-45 Tornado
B-45 Tornado.png
B-45 Tornado Events /
Chest /
Sales /
NATO Hangar
Nighthawk Events /
Chest /
Vickers Virginia
Vickers Virginia.png
Vickers Virginia Events /
Chest /
C-130 Transport
C-130 Transport.png
C-130 Transport Events /
Chest /
C-119 Flying Boxcar
C-119 Flying Boxcar.png
C-119 Flying Boxcar Events /
Chest /

Generals[edit | edit source]

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Admiral Yi
Admiral Yi.png
1 Admiral Yi Events /
Chest /
Ferdinand Foch
Ferdinand Foch Army.png
1 Ferdinand Foch Events /
Chest /
General Pershing
General Pershing.png
1 General Pershing General of Armies Event /
Chest /
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan.png
1 Genghis Khan Events /
Chest /
Guan Yu
Guan Yu.png
1 Guan Yu Events /
Chest /
Lady Death
Lady Death.png
1 Lady Death Events /
Chest /
Miyamoto Musashi
Miyamoto Musashi.png
1 Miyamoto Musashi Events /
Chest /
1 Washington Events /
Chest /
Tomoe Gozen
Tomoe Gozen.png
1 Tomoe Gozen Events /
Chest /
Leonidas Army
Leonidas Army.jpg
1 Leonidas /
4 Spartans
Spartans Events /
Chest /
1 Eisenhower Events /
Chest /
5-Star General Omar Bradley
5-Star General Omar Bradley Army.jpg
1 5-Star General Omar Bradley Events /
Chest /
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