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Hi everyone,

To those of you who know what I am talking about this must be one of the most frustrating moments you have experienced in the entire game. However, to those of you who have no idea what I am talking about and believe that Nexon/BHG are doing the right thing, well prepare yourselves for another shocking moment that will no doubt make you extremely angry since they are making money on this.

Namely, in the Parliament under Alliance Speed Ups section you have speed ups for buildings, library and university. In order to reach the first level of university research every alliance needs to dedicate massive amounts of resources as the structure looks like this:

- Building speed ups first five levels require 5250 points

- Library speed ups first five levels require 8000 points

- University speed ups first level is 1500 points

Total number of points is 14750 just to be able to start using your university speed ups and that is only 5 minutes daily. In order to unlock level 10 university speed ups you need a whopping 61250 points! Now if you take an average of 35 points per player for an alliance of active 30 members, in theory you can have 1050 points daily and depending on players age it will cost for 15 donations some 3.5 million food daily on average per player, meaning 105 million food for the entire alliance.

If you do manage to collect 1050 points daily through investment of 105 million food, it will take around 58 days or let's say two months to fully unlock university speed ups and it should cost in total some 6.5 billion food. Bear in mind that this is an optimistic scenario where most players are Industrial age or above.

You finally reached your goal and now you have have 2.5 hours of university speed ups every 12 hours. But you look at your numbers and something doesn't add up, as if something is missing. You are correct, because when you go offline, heck even sometimes when you are online, after requesting a university speed up from your alliance the request will disappear. So after months of raiding and investing your resources into the parliament you end up being robbed and not receiving what you paid for, literally paid for.

So what seems to be the solution? You report this to support, however you will receive the same automated reply every single time:

Greetings Leader,

Thanks for letting us know about the issue you are having with the Alliance Speedups. Our Development Team is currently investigating this issue and is working on a solution for this as well.If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us again.

I have been receiving this same reply for half a year already and it is driving me insane. Not only did you come angry when you found this "bug" convenient for money grabbing developers, but they kind of spit right back at you in your face with this kind of a reply.

I lost days and weeks of speed ups already due to this and I am sure most of the people playing the game have, some are just aware of it and some are not. I see two options in front of us:

  1. Apply more pressure on developers to finally resolve this issue and stop taking us all for fools.
  2. Let them keep doing this to the community and some will leave the game and others will even let Nexon take their money through those sweet speed up deals that miraculously show up on the last day of the event.

Remember, united we can push this to be resolved, yet if we are divided they will win and grow ever more rich.

All the best,