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Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations Update 11.8 is coming soon and brings a new Drone Age University Leader to bolster your armies! We’ve also taken a second look at Churchill’s Committee Bonus to improve the effectiveness of the Explosive Sniper Shots. There are a few more things we added in the update so without further ado, let's take a look at what you can expect!


The team has added another fix to the Parliament Building. Parliamentary Defenses have been falling short in range for far too long. As such, the building’s Defensive Cannon works and will now fire at the noted range of 10!

Winston Churchill’s Committee Bonus Improvements[]

Based on your feedback we wanted to make some small improvements to this Committee Bonus. In this update, the explosive Sniper Shot will appear even after defeating a target. We also gave a small increase to the radius of the AoE so it would be more effective.

Update to Event Episodes[]

Going forward, Event Episodes will not have a Global Leaderboard each week. We want to reduce confusion resulting from the frequency and simultaneous nature of these Episodes. Season Passes will still feature a Top 100 Leaderboard.

New University Leader[]

We promised you that an electrifying new University Leader was on the way! Some of you may have noticed a new face on your mobile device’s Home Screen and perhaps took a few guesses, or honestly very informed guesses, or maybe even someone told you exactly who was on the way.

REGARDLESS, Nikola Tesla is here!

Here are some of the benefits that will be available for research:

  • Decreases the cost to upgrade Directives
  • Decrease the time to upgrade Directives
  • Increases the movement speed of Offensive and Defensive Drones
  • Increases the damage of Attack Helicopters
  • Increases the deployment speed of APCs
  • Increase the amount of G.C.I. Radars you can have by 1
  • Reduces the deployment cooldown of Recons
  • Increases the attack speed of Generals
  • Reduces the cooldown of Reroute
  • Increases the hitpoints of the Drone Command
  • Capstone: Every 7 days, you can claim a chest containing 1 Charged Directive from the Drone Command.Nikola Tesla can be unlocked by upgrading your university to level 11, which is available starting in Drone Age.

Additional Updates[]

  • Multiple UI-related fixes
    • Re-aligned Aztec Calendar and Rosetta Stone Legendary Artifacts in museum displays.
    • Minor tweaks to accommodate for multiple language displays, improving readability.
  • Defensive Drone
    • Fixed an issue where Defensive Drone would work incorrectly when placed dead center on the map
      • A rare case in which, if you could manage to set the Defensive Drone perfectly in the center of the map, it wouldn’t move or utilize directives when your base was attacked.