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The v4.0.x update of DomiNations has been released!

**Please note that it may take some time for the update to become available everywhere, so please be patient when attempting to download it.**

Download v4.0.X on:

Update Notes[]

Introducing the Global Age![]

  • The dawn of a new Age brings new upgrades for all existing unit types!
  • The Global Age also brings additional Building upgrades!
  • Get the new Air Superiority Blessing and watch your planes dominate!
  • Generals now have 10 additional levels!
  • The latest Library upgrade brings 4 new technologies: Command, Warfare, Resistance, and Heritage

New Units![]

  • Mortars are a new Gunpowder Age troop that fires shells which arc through the air to deal area damage to buildings and troops.
  • Bazookas are a new Global Age factory troop which deals heavy damage to enemy tanks, buildings, and wall
  • Transports are a new Global Age airstrip troop which drops Paratroopers!
    • Paratroopers are a durable generalist troop. They don’t trigger enemy troop buildings, so you can use them to take out enemy Bunkers before they spawn their Heavy Tanks!
  • Jagdpanzers are a new Global Age Mercenary. They’re tougher, faster, and shoot faster than Medium Tanks of this age.
  • Legionnaires are a new Global Age Mercenary. They have a very slow rate of fire but enough damage to take out most infantry defenders in one shot. Even better, they have +1 range over typical riflemen!

Multiplayer Battle Refactor![]

  • If you close out of World War or Multiplayer battle, your partial progress will be saved!
  • Players will now keep the stars and resources earned before closing out of battle.

Balance Changes[]

  • Machine Gun damage increased to 29/32/37 by rank (was 18/20/23.) This is largely to account for a change to how they fired, which was causing them to be less effective than intended.
  • Oil well level 2 produces 35 oil per hour (was 34) and stores 350 oil (was 340.)
  • Gate level 13 hitpoints increased to 16,680 (was 16,080)
  • Barracks level 8 hitpoints increased to 1770 (was 1,700)
  • Bunker level 2 hitpoints increased to 3,100 (was 3,000)

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Pop up window added to better surface in-game events
  • Fortified Level 8 Walls
  • Troop AI correctly chooses favorite targets
  • Huntable animals show health bars when starting the hunt again
  • Fixed a bug causing donated troops to only be given after opening the chat window
  • Icon above the Barracks correctly shows the currently training troop again
  • Greek Nation bonus text is now more clear
  • Alliance view now correctly displays browsing Alliances while not in an Alliance
  • Eiffel Tower info window no longer shows duplicate information
  • World War window now updates the attack window correctly when returning from scouting
  • Improved troop requests not deleting the correct previous request
  • Security Improvements
  • British unique unit description mentions their +15% damage bonus. (Their damage wasn’t changed in this update, just the description.)