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The v4.6X ‘VICTORY’ update of DomiNations is now available!

Patch Day Survial Guide:

Victory Chest[]

  • Battle daily, earn stars, get a BIG HUGE chest of rewards!

Retrain Improvements[]

  • Retrain troops that you donated to your Alliance!
  • Retraining troops are better distributed amongst multiple barracks for faster training!

Library Techs, Missile Battery, and a new General![]

  • Winston Churchill joins the Castle as a new General starting in Global Age!
  • Research a 5th chapter of each Library Tech!
  • Defend your base against enemy planes with the new Trap: the Missile Battery!

Balance Changes[]

  • Decoy Improvements
    • Decoys can now be deployed anywhere on the map!
    • Decoy radius reduced to 7 (was 20) on account of it being deployable anywhere.
  • French and Greek unique tanks’ damage increased to match last update’s increase to tank damage.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Fixed unit training blessing stats on barracks not resetting properly
  • Fixed mercs not being properly lost/retrained when battles end prematurely
  • Updating map editor to have pressed down state for activate button
  • Partial fix for food stolen and gold stolen quests not working; fixed rounding error but still not counting mysterious extra amounts as British with Loot Blessing
  • Fix for university close button occasionally not appearing on main screen
  • Command Post Warning appears every time a player's command post would overflow
  • Fixed final 3 expansions not providing correct refunds
  • Add lock sprite for Requirements info bar.
  • Added decoy soldier amounts and total hit points to info and upgrade wins
  • Full Pockets and Full Stomachs quests should calculate lifetime stats correctly
  • Fix Polymath not showing up correctly in University UI.
  • Fix crash associated with decoy levels
  • Made MacArthur’s gun American!!!
  • Fixed a bug causing debris to spawn where it shouldn’t
  • Capitalization fixes
  • Show library bonuses in info win with production rate
  • Fixed a crash associated with the War Academy having null values
  • No longer allow 0/0 troop requests in chat
  • Fix the single instance for University researche’s were “free under five” was set to true.
  • Fix crash with the University involving researching multiple skills at a time
  • Fix citizens not resuming research if a research was completed naturally
  • Tower Blessing no longer affects the Town Hall
  • Melee defenders no longer shoot over walls
  • Tutorial arrow no longer appears behind single player text on campaign window
  • The “Finish” army popup now mentions tactics once the player has built a War Academy
  • University should be in researching state if any skill is still being researched on wake up.


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