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DomiNations v11.1 Update[]

Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations update v11.1 is rolling out live today. This one is more about tidying up some loose ends as we continue to plug away at future content releases for Drone Age! We also introduce a new tab to the Seasonal Leaderboards which gives Alliances another way to compete and gives players another opportunity to contribute to the Alliance for overall rewards.

  • Introducing the Seasonal Alliance Leaderboard tab.

This is an additional tab included with the Seasonal Leaderboards. Players will be locked into a Primary Alliance at the start of the season. If you wish to have a different Primary Alliance, Players must make their changes prior to the Season’s start date. All Alliance members will be able to help contribute to their overall Alliance Triumph pool during a season. Triumph is accrued the same way it traditionally was. Players will be able to inspect their Alliance’s rank, and also their individual Triumph contributions within their own Alliance. All Alliance members will receive the season-end rewards based on the rank their Alliance finishes the season.

It should be noted that if a player leaves their Primary Alliance during an Active Alliance Leaderboard they will be unable to receive the Active Buffs, and claim the Final Rewards upon season end. You can still participate in the Individual Leaderboard, however.

Should you leave your Primary Alliance during the season you will be notified before doing so and will need to confirm this action. If you join another Alliance after leaving your Primary you will Not contribute to Triumph nor gain the rewards/buffs of the new Alliance. If you return to your Primary Alliance you’ll pick up where you left off in Contributions. You won’t however add any Triumph to your original Alliance for any Triumph earned while you were away. Additionally, should you return to your Primary Alliance Before the end of the Active phase of the season you will gain the buffs and rewards from that Alliance. Should you return After the Active phase you will Not be eligible for those Final Rewards. Once the reward phase begins your Primary Alliance will be locked in and your Triumph score and rewards will be on that Alliance.

Lastly, if your Alliance does not qualify to participate in Leaderboard events you will be treated as though you are not in an Alliance. As such you will be able to join a different Alliance and be able to fully participate and earn rewards. When joining that Alliance it will then become your Primary Alliance.

Should you be kicked from your Alliance during a Leaderboard event you will be able to join an Alliance and earn rewards there. Even if you’re kicked from the Alliance during the Reward Phase you’ll still be able to claim your Final Rewards as though you were never kicked.

You can experience the Alliance Leaderboards starting 8/3 alongside the Regular Seasonal Leaderboard!

  • Reworked the Councilor Fusion window to return to the chamber that you fused from when completing your fusion.

Previously the Councilor menu would return to the Main Hall rather than the War Hall after fusing War Councilors. This made for a confusing experience which led to players thinking that they were receiving Main Hall Councilors for fusing War Councilors. We’re hoping that this helps to alleviate the confusion.

  • Fixed a visual issue where Drone Age troop tactics for Generals Washington and Ferdinand Foch were missing sprites in the information window.