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DomiNations V9.6 Quick Victory[]

Greeting Leaders!

Below you’ll find everything included in our v9.6 Update titled Quick Victory.

New Changes[]

Bonus Buffs[]

Victory Stars have never been more important, as the amount of Food, Gold, and Oil for winning battles has been greatly increased in War and multiplayer battles

Law Contribution Cost Reduction

We’ve substantially reduced contribution costs of Food, Gold, and Oil when donating Research Points to Laws in Parliament

Information Age Building Levels Added[]

The following Buildings are receiving +1 level:

  • Farm
  • Caravan
  • Sniper Tower
  • Signal Flare
  • Decoy Trap

Quicker Tutorial[]

New players should now get through the tutorial much quicker with shortened upgrade timers and the removal of some steps.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

We’re continuing to focus on making impactful improvements and addressing players' needs. Some changes in this update include:

  • Fixed an issue with blank Parliament and Wonder stats
  • Added code to mitigate an issue where using Speed Ups can cause network disconnects
  • Burj Al Arab should now correctly affect all houses within its radius
  • Fixed an issue with some planes still getting stuck in loops
  • Paratroopers should no longer be able to land out of bounds
  • Corrected cropping issues for some text in Special Offers
  • Fixed an issue with the Library slowing performance on Android builds

This update is currently rolling out to both Android and iOS. Please allow it some time to show up in your app store!