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Cold War Age!

  • Research 4 new technologies at Library level 12: Industrial Plastics, Economic Stimulus, Rocketry, and Advanced Ballistics
  • Hire new mercenaries at the Level 11 Mercenary Camp: the Irish Peacekeeper and T-62 Tank
  • Generals can now be upgraded to level 60
  • New Barracks levels grant Expertise, a permanent boost to Barracks troop hitpoints and attack damage
  • Enjoy the haul of Emissary rewards for reaching the Cold War!

New Barracks Troop: Assault Vehicle

  • A strong, moderately protected vehicle that specializes in destroying tanks, buildings, and walls

New Factory Troop: MRL

  • This Mobile Rocket Launcher will lay siege to your enemies with splash damage from a hail of rocket fire!

Library 2nd Slot

  • Unlock the ability to research any two technologies at the same time in the Library for a one-time cost of 1,000 crowns!

Balance Changes

  • Hwachas no longer have a minimum range and have a faster-flying arrow animation

Event Buildings

  • Destroy Event Buildings: You can now choose to destroy Event Buildings on your base, allowing you to place a new one without waiting for the old one to expire!
  • Global Expiration: Some new Event Buildings will last until a certain date, regardless of when you placed them. Earn yours early to gain the most benefit!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Donated troops are now properly removed from Town Center
  • Fixed a bug preventing tactics training from finishing while the game was closed
  • Fixed a pathfinding bug that was hampering frame rate
  • Fixed a crash caused by disbanding Coalitions as a World War observer
  • Game now displays alternative message when router or data limit prevents play
  • Added Master Assassin to the Assassin Fortress
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when buildings regenerate health on returning home
  • Gave Marco Polo a grander entrance
  • Reshelved the books in the Library
  • Repacked mystery boxes
  • Created new event goals
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits


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