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Update Notes for 3.0.X (Android and iOS)

World War[]

  • Entire alliances can wage war against each other and win massive amounts of loot!
  • Strategize and battle with no risk to your resources, medals, or peace treaties.
  • Defend with special War Bases that are always ready for battle.

Alliance Improvements[]

  • Alliance Leaders can now appoint Co-Leaders!
  • Co-Leaders have the same abilities as leaders, including starting wars.

New Command Post Buildings[]

  • The Command Post stores loot won during World Wars.
  • Produces one wave of your nation’s unique unit on defense.

Improved Layout Editor[]

  • The layout editor now allows you to save 3 different layouts for your town and 3 more for your War Base!
  • Copy and switch between layouts with ease.

New Quests and Achievements[]

  • New quests added relating to the Command Post and World War.
  • New achievement added for World War.

Balance Changes[]

  • Connecting buildings to your Town Center with roads also increases the Town Center’s health by a flat amount per building.
  • Demolition damage vs Town Center cut by half.
  • British loot bonus increased to 15% (up from 10%).
  • German attack bonus after wins increased to 15% (up from 10%).
  • Greek unique cavalry damage bonus increased to 25% (up from 20%).
  • Greek unique cavalry hitpoint bonus reduced to 10% (down from 15%).
  • China’s nation power now also includes +1 mercenary capacity.
  • Angkor Wat healing changed to a flat amount which increases as you age up. The previous percent-based heal was far stronger than intended for generals. The new flat healing achieves a better balance (and also heals your soldier defenders to full each tick).
  • 5 additional walls available in Iron Age and in Classical Age.
  • Farm and caravan hitpoints increased 15% and 20% respectively, across all levels.
  • Cavalry raiders damage bonus vs. resource buildings increased from 3x to 4x. Base damage decreased proportionally.
  • Archers and machine guns will now periodically scan for nearby defenders instead of staying targeted on lower priority targets.
  • Machine gun cone radius reduced to better match visuals; base damage increased to compensate.
  • Town center defenders and donated troops activate from a much closer radius. This makes donations more valuable on defense, where previously they could easily be baited away.
  • Age up costs increased: Classical to 160k, Medieval to 700k, Gunpowder to 2m, Enlightenment to 4.5m, and Industrial to 6m.
  • Vault upgrade costs increased to 400k/1750k/3750k/4750k.
  • Redoubt upgrade level 1 costs increased to 2.1m and level 2 increased to 4.6m.
  • Ballista Tower upgrade level 3 increased to 1m.
  • Heavy tank cost increased from 80k to 100k.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Fixed a bug causing Chat to show behind Leaderboards.
  • Fixed button overlap caused from pressing the Customer Service and Credits buttons simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug in a PVP battle causing the already destroyed Gold shipments (dropped by Caravans) to reappear when using rally anywhere on the map after the battle has finished.
  • The 'Claim' (Crowns) button no longer overlaps the number of stars on the Campaign selection window.
  • Players now able to tap and preview what is gained when advancing in Age.
  • Clarified that the 2nd chapter of the Banking Library Tech doesn't apply to Single Player Campaign.
  • Fixed a bug causing the range for all generals to be labeled “melee” even after they turn into tanks and their attacks change to be ranged.
  • Generals now respawn at a more predictable rate.
  • If a player has 2 generals activated, both now display on top of the castle across all levels.
  • Replay camera no longer continues to shake if paused during catapult explosion.
  • Fixed a bug causing smoke particles to never dissipate.
  • Canceling matchmaking search loading screen no longer leaves "search" dialog up for ~15 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be able to purchase special deals over and over and never be rewarded items.
  • Fixed a small checkmark artifact in Erase Mode box in layout editor.
  • Fixed a bug causing Map Editor save button to remain disabled if building is moved back to original placement after player attempts to place building in invalid location.
  • Changing your language no longer causes an error without a message.
  • Single Player city icons now display at correct size when first viewed in a new session.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Starter pack not to appear until Iron Age.
  • Fixed a crash caused by buying War Machines.
  • Changing your base layout while having a Zeppelin on an airstrip no longer results an error.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to experience issues installing updates.
  • Leveling Redoubts to level 3 no longer causes a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading tanks could cause your army to go over the troop limit, which would cause security checks to delete the player’s army.
  • Fixed a bug causing the tactics window to not close by pressing the X button if the window is opened from the War Academy.
  • Fixed a bug causing green terrain backgrounds to not appear on portrait images on Info screens.
  • Fixed a bug causing the wrong thumbnails to appear in the layout editor for Trade Good Shipments.
  • Leagues are now updating correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where some shipments could not be opened.
  • Fixed an AI bug causing defenders to freeze.
  • Strength of the Gladiator power no longer causes visual effect to appear on airplanes (the tactic continues to not affect airplanes’ attack).
  • UI layering bugs fixed.
  • Fixed a bug which caused buildings to remain on fire after an attack.
  • Fixed and issue where the Campaign UI sometimes appeared offset.
  • Fixed a bug causing planes to occasionally appear to fly backwards.
  • Improved pathfinding when hunting animals.
  • Animation fixes for machine gunners.
  • Fixed a bug causing unplaced buildings to appear in replays
  • Fixed a bug causing retrain times to be miscalculated.
  • Aircraft deployed against targets near the map edge to deploy too close to the building to attack it on the first pass.
  • Added additional security measures.
  • Improved memory handling to prevent crashes.
  • Improved security.