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The Art of War v9.1 Update[]

12-04-2020, 02:28 PM

DomiNations v9.1 Update - The Art of War

Greeting Leaders!

Our next update, 9.1, is almost here, and it introduces Sun Tzu to DomiNations along with a new Recruit A Friend feature, changes to Bastions and the GCI Radar, and more!

Sun Tzu[]

Sun Tzu is the newest Leader to arrive in DomiNations. We’re excited for the arrival of Sun Tzu because not only is he our latest University Leader, but he can also be deployed in battle as a General as soon as you unlock Fort (level 10). Master the Art of War by adding him to your ranks today. Let’s dive into what makes Sun Tzu so unique.

University Leader - Sun Tzu[]

Our first look begins at the University, where you can research bonuses to increase troop capacity, upgrade your MRL damage, and much more.

  • Sun Tzu is available to research at university level 7.
  • Research skill points to unlock Sun Tzu’s General Ability - The Art of War. This ability can be used in battle to provide Sun Tzu powerful bonuses, including an attack speed buff to him and his allies around him, as well as the ability to summon Tank reinforcements.
  • Capstone: The Army on the March. Unlock this capstone to further increase the attack speed bonus and the amount of tanks that can be spawned by Sun Tzu’s The Art of War ability . Another significant benefit of this capstone is that it allows for The Art of War ability to be activated more than once per battle.

General Sun Tzu[]

Players can unlock Sun Tzu as a playable General once the Fort reaches level 10. Once placed in battle, he rides around the battlefield in a Heavy Tank, dealing splash damage to enemy troops with his attacks.

  • Sun Tzu has high health and damage stats but a slower base attack speed than other Generals.
  • Sun Tzu receives a special General Ability, The Art of War, that can be activated in battle after unlocking the ability through the Sun Tzu University Leader tech tree. This ability has several unique properties:
  • Increases the attack speed of Sun Tzu and all allied troops around him for a short time.
  • Sun Tzu will spawn Type 99 Tanks to aid him in battle.
  • The Art of War ability can only be activated once per battle unless the player has unlocked the capstone from the Sun Tzu University leader tech tree.

New Law Branch: Military Infrastructure[]

Military Infrastructure is a new branch in the Alliance Laws feature that introduces new Laws focusing on upgrading troops.

  • Military Funding: Barracks - Reduced Barrack troop upgrade costs
  • Military Funding: Tactics - Reduced War Tactic upgrade costs
  • Military Funding: Generals - Reduced General upgrade costs
  • Military Funding: Coalitions - Reduced Coalition upgrade costs
  • Military Funding: Airstrip - Reduced Airstrip troop upgrade costs
  • Military Funding: Factory - Reduced factory troop Upgrade costs
  • Parliamentary Guards - Turns Parliament into a Troop Spawning building on defense.

Laws Leaderboard[]

A new button has been added to the Branch and Law windows inside of Parliament, allowing you to view the previous day’s daily leaderboard.

Recruit a Friend[]

Invite friends to play DomiNations and earn rewards as they progress through the Ages!

Auto Promote Alliance Leader[]

Also coming in 9.1 is our Auto-Promote system for Alliances who have found themselves with an inactive leader. This system will demote leaders that have been inactive for longer than 31 days and promote a Co-Leader, or the most active member (if no Co-Leader is present) to Alliance Leader.

Bastion changes[]

We’ve reduced the Bastion Rubble slow effect by 5% at level 4, 12% at level 5, and 19% at level 6.

GCI Radar[]

  • The fighter aircraft spawned by the GCI Radar no longer scales with external Defender buffs.
  • Damage reduced by 45%
  • Splash attack radius reduced from 5 to 3.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed Burj Al Arab upgrade time reduction effect not taking effect on traps and certain houses.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some players from sorting by Individual Laws in the Alliance Laws Search Tab.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Information Age Emissary to be unclaimable at times.
  • Fixed an issue with Space Needle’s shadow overlapping other buildings.
  • Additional minor bug fixes, text updates, and UI fixes.