Winter of All Ages 6.6.5 update Large

Let the holiday festivities begin! Edit

  • Snow has settled in, citizens don their heavy parkas, the Crown Dock and Marco Polo are all dressed up for the holidays!
  • Find a wide arrange of in-game events covering holidays of the past - including the World War I Christmas Truce.

Winter for the Ages Edit


Bug Fixes and Improvements Edit

  • Fixed a crash that may occur when sharing replays (investigating)
  • Museum War Hall unlocked for observers
  • Minor art fixes and text edits

Balance Changes / Leaderboard update: Decay Edit

In preparation for the upcoming matchmaking changes to World War, we’re introducing a new system that will identify inactive Alliances and decay their Glory. Beginning soon, routine system checks will identify these inactive Alliances and pull their Glory back toward the starting value of 12,000. 

Inactive Alliances are identified as those who have not participated in a World War in the last 15 days and/or those who have fewer than 10 members (from the time the check was initiated). 

More matchmaking improvements will be introduced over time, and layered on top of the Glory decay. Let us know what you think it the comments below!

Trivia Edit

After this upgrade, during the winter season, the base, animals and trees will be on winter condition.