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Legendary Artifacts[]

Two new Legendary Artifacts for you to display in your Museums are on the way. Once again we’ll be offering one for War Halls and one for Peace Halls.

Thinker of Cernavoda[]

Barracks Troops Damage +11% Enemy Defender Spawn Time +6% Enemy Defensive Tower Damage -11% All Resources Stolen +8% All Resources Stolen +8%

Update to Defensive Drone Directive - Surveillance[]

A previous bug from the Surveillance Defense Drone Directive would make stealth units like Night Witch become targetable by Tower Defensive Buildings. At the time it was unintentional but we found this to be a great addition to the Directive and as such this will remain. This will also affect ALL stealth units within the space where the Surveillance Directive is active!

Additional Fixes[]

  • Implemented an additional fix to cover other ways to remove forests for free
  • Fixed errors on Alliance perk 23 and 24
    • Perk 23 should now add +1 additional defender unit on first wave (will not apply if spawn limit is reached)
    • Perk 24 should now add +10% to healing units and tactics
  • Corrected the Missile Silo Information window to reflect the proper Fire Rate
    • The Battle Stations Library Tech incorrectly showed the Missile Silo Attack Speed being reduced by seconds instead of a percentage. The window now reflects the information correctly showing +3%, and at max speed will show as 8.7 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where the 2nd Research slot for the Drone Command building would become locked after purchasing.
  • Implemented a fix removing an exploit found to climb the leaderboard at a rapid rate without the use of speed ups