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Greetings Leaders,

The team has been extremely busy leading up to this update! We’re implementing more quality-of-life improvements to Alliance Speed Ups and Resource Drops. For those at Automation Age, you’ll find our first wave of upgrades to some of your buildings. This update also brings in fixes for Museum Loadouts.

Alliance Speed Ups[]

Have you ever been torn between either contributing resources to helping out a fellow Alliance member with a speed-up or upgrading something of your own? Or maybe the speed-up requires a resource you don’t quite have yet? In update 12.3, Alliance Speed-Ups will now be completely free to assist, but that's not all; the speed-ups will also be more significant!

Asking for a speed-up will still be done in the same way; to contribute, the Assist button will no longer have a resource cost and will only require you to press the button to assist. This change will also update the Alliance Laws for Building, Library, and University Alliance Speed-Ups. If you’ve maxed out these Alliance Laws, this update will now give you up to 15 hours of Alliance Speed-Ups in a 24h day!

Alliance Speed Ups Branch[]

(Changes to all three Alliance Laws)

Level 1 - Speed-Up time set to 15m per assist

Level 2 - Speed-Up time set to 30m per assist

Level 3 - Speed-Up time set to 45m per assist

Level 4 - No Change

Level 5 - Speed-Up time set to 1h per assist

Level 6 - Speed-Up time set to 1h15m per assist

Level 7 - No Change

Level 8 - Speed-Up time set to 1h30m per assist

Level 9 and 10 - No changes

Automation Age Upgrades[]

The first wave of upgrades for Automation Age buildings will come with update 12.3.

Spoiler: Automation Age Upgrades[]

Building Upgrade Time Citizens Cost HP DMG XP Amount
Missile Silo Level 13 19d 6 335,000 Oil 119,750 10,124

Big Red Button DMG - 55,000

Wall Level 25 0 1 18,000,000 Food/Gold 128,079
Gate Level 25 0 1 18,000,000 Food/Gold 101,567
Road Level 15 12d 4 21,000,000 Food Bonus Health per Building


Base Income per Road 32

Base Storage per Road 1215


Museum Loadout Fixes[]

The team has been hard at work fixing the issues around Museum Loadouts. 12.3 introduces some of those fixes as they continue to monitor the situation.

  • Fixed an issue where Players could press ‘Edit’ then ‘Activate’ as the screen transitioned to the edit of a selected loadout. This would create an issue where you couldn’t save the edited Loadout.
  • Fixed the issue where an error would generate additional Museum Displays.
    • Fixing this also fixed where the game would crash due to a Loadout having more Museum Displays than possible.

While these fixes cover a majority of the issues surrounding being locked out of Loadouts, there are still some lingering issues the team is keeping an eye on. If you happen to run into any further issues regarding Museum Loadouts, please forward a ticket to our CS Team with as much detail as possible on the steps that you took to run into said issue. We’re still investigating the issue where Loadout 1 is re-enabled after selecting another Loadout. We are aware that a one-off error can occur when trying to replace the Hermitage Museum, but in our findings, this only happens once and doesn’t happen to every player.

Additional Updates[]

  • Increased resource drops
    • We’ve increased the possible rewards that you can receive from various drops, including Oil Seeps, Fruit Trees, Gold Mines, and Hunting. This includes the possible finds after clearing a forest, and increasing Crown rewards for clearing debris! We wanted to make these feel much more rewarding as you expand your base.
  • Paratroopers that spawn from the Ejector Seat Munition will now reflect the same level of your Transport Plane ParatroopersWe’re still working on what we expect to be a welcome addition to the way you play DomiNations! Our next major update will be adding a new way to War against rival Alliances, we hope to bring you more information this spring!