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v3.5 Update Notes

The v3.5.x update of DomiNations is available! As always, it will take time to roll out to all devices - please be patient!

More Events![]

  • Get ready for new events in the upcoming weeks with exciting new rewards!

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Battle Replay Improvements
    • Removed intermittent extension of Replays which sometimes caused the Replay to display a different outcome than the battle
    • Base edits no longer effect on Replays
    • Resources stolen by betrayed units now appear accurately in Replays
  • Locked Generals no longer show up on defense in World War battles
  • Improved Alliance chat updates and fixed issues with Alliance chat disappearing
  • Fixed units range info in upgrade window
  • Added tutorial to highlight War Loot in the Command Post
  • Library research Watch Tower chapter 4 now unlocks after researching Watch Tower chapter 3
  • Library now takes into account new level 4 Techs when automatically scrolling to unlearned Techs
  • Fixed capitalization inconsistencies
  • Fixed Joan of Arc text
  • Fixed MacArthur text
  • Added expiration label to event window
  • Tapping an Alliance quickly no longer misdirects to a different window
  • Betrayal works correctly after activating a different layout
  • Fixed a crash associated with attacking in World War
  • Tactics no longer allow you to drop them on invalid targets
  • Event window UI now layers correctly
  • Donations now count capacity not number of troops for events and achievements
  • Joan of Arc no longer makes tank sounds when on a horse
  • Kicking Allies and trying to start a war no longer gives "Could not complete search, a player has opted out of the war!" error
  • Recommended Mercenaries will pop upgrade window for Mercenary Camp if Camp is too low level for player to get the Mercenary
  • Mercenary Camp Recommended item sends you to the army tab in the Store if you don’t have one
  • Added safeguards to prevent players from visiting bases on different game versions
  • Updated Cleopatra's flavor text
  • Tactics Blessing is now affected by Zeal ch. 1
  • Players must now wait 15 minutes upon joining an Alliance before they may join another
  • Security improvements