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The v3.1.x update of DomiNations has been released!

In Game Events![]

  • Unlock powerful limited-time rewards during new week long events!
  • More details on upcoming events will be revealed a few days before the start of the event

More Industrial Upgrades![]

  • Additional Unit Upgrades:
    • Biplanes can now be upgraded to Triplane MK1-3!
    • Zeppelins can now be upgraded to Airship MK1-3!
  • Additional Building Upgrades:
    • Alliance Gate level 7!

A New General to Command![]

  • Joan of Arc is now ready to command your forces starting in the Medieval Age

New Library Technologies![]

  • Each Library technology now has a fourth chapter to research!

New Tactics Blessing![]

  • Speeds up Tactics production by 50%
  • Unlocked with Zeal chapter 4 at the Library!

New Donatable Troop![]

  • Heavy Tanks can now be donated to an Alliance member once they have an Alliance troop limit of 24 and you have researched Heavy Weaponry chapter 4

Balance Changes[]

  • Command Post now stores 500/1k/2k/3.5k/6.5k/12k Oil for levels 1-6 (was 0/0/0/0/6.5k/12k)
  • Donation limit increased by 3 for all ranks of the Alliance Gate
  • Ballistics chapter 2 and Heavy Weaponry chapter 4 now apply to donatable troops

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Airplanes are no longer selected by default in the troop tray when starting a battle. The first ground troop in the tray will be selected by default instead.
  • Changed "Invalid" Layout terminology to "Incomplete"
  • Troop Donation window no longer overlaps retrain army window in World War UI
  • Fixed a crash when tapping the research button on the Library
  • Devices no longer network disconnect when deploying aircraft multiple times
  • Tapping Achievements/Goals button a second time no longer closes Achievements
  • Fixed a crash caused by building the Command Post
  • Fixed a login issue
  • Buildings in Layout Editor no longer stack over existing buildings
  • Alliance combatant list now refreshes when starting new World War search
  • Choose combatant window no longer overlaps the war overview window
  • Players should no longer experience network errors related to resource spend/gain
  • Average destruction now calculated to exact decimal place when determining a winner in the event of a tie
  • Single player campaign city icons no longer change size when tapped
  • Recommended targets now change once you’ve attacked them
  • Fixed a bug causing Korean characters to display incorrectly
  • Debris no longer appears in War Bases
  • Town Center description now appears in the info window
  • German Command Post troops now have the correct art
  • War Report updates more reliably on slow connections
  • 0/0 Generals and Tactics appear greyed out on the Army Confirmation window in World War
  • Special Deals button no longer disappears when entering Multiplayer Battles
  • The World War button now appears reliably
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect node buildings to appear on the War Map
  • Attacks in the War Report now appear in the correct order
  • Added scroll bars to War Report screens
  • Facebook integration now works correctly
  • Choose Nation window now displays correctly for Iron Age players
  • Fixed a bug causing active Generals to be unavailable in battle
  • Corrected capitalization of Co-Leader
  • Refactored the Combatant selection window text for clearer messaging
  • Hanging Gardens correctly reduces mining time gold deposits
  • Fixed a crash when finishing Command Post while not in an Alliance
  • Troop donation message duplication fixed
  • General Retrain changed to have a minimum cost of 0 crowns.
  • Oil can’t be collected from the Command Post without an Oil Refinery
  • Changed World War donate troops window to a 4x2 grid
  • Correct Special Deals now appear as intended
  • Improved layering of labels on the War Map
  • Security Improvements