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The ‘Tools of the Trade’ update is here!

New Traps![]

  • Claymores will damage all enemies in a large cone in whatever direction they are first triggered.
  • Tripping the Signal Flare will alert defending troops the enemy is near! Instantly spawn a bonus wave of temporarily boosted defenders from all nearby Garrisons, Stables, and Bunkers.
  • Available in the Atomic Age, the Decoy Trap will draw the attacker’s fire to this phony target.

Atomic-Level Dock & Expeditions[]

  • Upgrade your Shipyard to Level 9!
  • New ports of call include: Halifax, Melbourne, Incheon, Karachi, and Rio de Janeiro!
  • Look for the newest Troop Tactics from these expeditions!

Balance Changes[]

  • Baltimore Fencibles Change - this Troop Tactic now deploys 1x Engineer and 2x Artillery (formerly 3x Engineer and 1x Artillery)

Mystery Chests Improvements[]

  • Mystery Chests will automatically open and add their contents to your inventory after 30 Days.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash on login
  • Unit Pathing Improvements
  • Level 8 Troop Tactics are available in League Boats and Victory Chests
  • Removed a timer from Marco Polo that appeared after purchasing sales
  • Replaced unit icons missing from Castle
  • Adjusted the appearance of the first supply drop
  • University refunds costs when cancelled shortly after research is started
  • MRL boosts are now calculated correctly
  • Combat tab is highlighted only when new information is available
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits