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DomiNations Allied Front! v5.7 Update Notes[]

v5.7 ‘DomiNations Allied Front’ update is now available!

Alliance Levels & Perks[]

  • The Alliance that fights together earns Perks together!
  • Earn Alliance XP in World War to level up your Alliance
  • For each Alliance Level everyone earns powerful all-new Perks!


  • Earn this special Alliance currency by winning battles in World War
  • Rubies can be traded at the Traveling Merchant for Troop Tactics, Event Buildings, Blessings, Trade Goods, and more!

Friendly Challenges[]

  • Friendly Challenges are back!
  • Challenge your Alliance members in practice battles to hone your strategy
  • Create your own Challenges to test out your new Town and War Base layouts
  • Friendly Challenges don’t consume troops, medals, or resources!

New Troop: Tactical Helicopter[]

  • Unlock the Tactical Helicopter at Factory level 7
    • Each Tactical Helicopter lets you deploy up to 15 troop space of your ground troops underneath it, even in the middle of an enemy base!
    • Tactical Helicopters also heal nearby troops

New Atomic Age Upgrades[]

  • Factory can now be upgraded to level 7, unlocking the following upgrades
    • Machine Gun level 6
    • Commando level 6
    • Heavy Tank level 5
    • Bazooka level 4
    • Armored Car level 4
    • APC level 2
  • Sniper Tower can now be upgraded to level 6
  • Stable can now be upgraded to level 11
  • Embassy can now be upgraded to level 6
    • Unlocks the Ethiopian Coalition (available shortly after the required 5.7 update), which provides bonus Factory Troop health and General attack as well as the bazooka-toting Kagnew Infantry in World War attacks!
    • Also lets you upgrade all Coalitions to level 7

Balance Changes[]

  • Increased hitpoints of all levels of bomber aircraft by 50%

Other Improvements[]

  • World War Troop Tactic donate UI now shows more detail on your donations
  • Info and Upgrade windows will now show the upgraded version of buildings
  • Drop multiple shipments from your Inventory at the same time

Performance Improvements[]

  • Reduced network traffic by shrinking player data size
  • Reduced memory usage

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to claim Victory Chests multiple times
  • Fixed a crash when canceling an empty town in the Layout Editor
  • Fixed a crash related to World War Replays
  • Fixed Replay inaccuracies with Friendly Challenges using War Bases
  • Fixed Replay mismatches when using Betrayal tactics
  • Fixed removal of walls, roads, and gates not updating in Layout Editor
  • Fixed inability to purchase more Food for crowns even if Crowns are available
  • Fixed event Blessings displaying incorrect durations in Inventory
  • Fixed donated Troop icons in Battle History
  • Layout Editor now confirms that you are sure you want to pick up all
  • Units trained at the Elephant Stable no longer cause network disconnects
  • Donated Troop Tactics now show in defense Replays
  • Tactics that take 2 Tactics Capacity now clear properly when using Retrain
  • Stealthy units like Commandos now trigger Traps
  • Improved pathing for donated Troops
  • Helicopters are now properly targeted by Soldiers and melee Troops when over walls
  • Level 1 buildings now appear in Recommended Upgrades window
  • Castle window now displays the appropriate Crown cost for two or more Generals
  • Alliance window now sorts by glory instead of medals
  • Power Plant buffs now stack with Pentagon buffs to aircraft training times
  • Power Plant and other event Blessings are only displayed once in the Temple
  • Command Post now shows amounts of resources when collecting War Loot
  • Airstrip is no longer locked in the Store if you have an event Hangar active on your base
  • Event Hangars now display the correct air capacity in info windows
  • Planes enter battles facing the correct direction
  • Recommended Upgrades window now uses the current building name instead of the level 1 building name
  • Gates now close properly
  • Library window now scrolls smoothly
  • Inbox UTC clock now uses server time instead of device time
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Minor text fixes
  • Security improvements
  • American flag is now hung properly from the Embassy in accordance with Public Law 94-344