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Great Leaders: University - Patch Notes

Great Leaders[]

  • Construct a University and cultivate the greatest minds in human history.
  • Expand your civilization’s skills with the help of Great Leaders like Leonardo DaVinci, Catherine the Great, King Sejong, Sultan Saladin, and Suleiman the Magnificent
  • Each leader specializes in unique bonuses themed to their historical accomplishments. Complete the research for each skill tree to unlock mighty “capstone” powers!

World War Leaderboards[]

  • Battle for Glory to earn your Alliance the top spot on the World War Leaderboard
  • Read more about it here:

New Languages[]

  • DomiNations now supports Turkish and Italian languages!
  • Merhaba! Ciao!

New Upgrades and Tactics[]

Balance Changes[]

  • Increased damage of Tanks by 8% and Medium Tanks by 11%
  • Troops are slightly more likely to target defensive towers in battle
  • Players can only claim one of each type of unique army from the inventory at a time (down from four)
  • Transports will now be targeted by air towers
  • Reversed the order of the World War battle screen list, now newest battles list first
  • Fixed incorrect number of generals showing on Castles/Forts in World Wars
  • Generals no longer exit their Fort to attack Aircraft

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Coalitions can now be removed, except during war day
  • Coalitions are now purchasable on war days by observers
  • Coalitions button on the world war hud is no longer visible while the embassy is being upgraded
  • Coalitions now clear for observers if war ends while they are online
  • Russian language no longer overlaps in Coalitions window
  • Tap National Trade goods to see how they can be used
  • “Next battle” button is bigger and easier to tap
  • Fixed a rare crash when deploying air units
  • Added safeguards to prevent rogue chat messages from causing issues
  • Added a "From" to Alliance inbox messages
  • Inbox displays the current UTC time for easy event planning
  • Warfare Ch3 is now factored into Heavy Tank “damage against tanks” stat
  • Added Savings and Wonder bonuses to Vault info window
  • Tapping on Library chapters now shows a full info window
  • Library chapter research windows now show XP awarded
  • Updated messaging for troop donations between different versions
  • Expansions now update their clear notification icon correctly
  • Vault info window now shows boosted vault contents
  • An unrepaired embassy is displayed on accounts who do not have it when visited or attacked
  • Fixed a crash tapping rapidly in the inventory window
  • Fixed a crash when a citizen tried to walk off the world, bad citizen!
  • Partial battles can now return surviving troops if you crash after defeating all defensive buildings
  • Removed radius graphic from Blessings since they don't use a range
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong troop icon appeared over the barracks
  • World War window no longer pops open on a when reloading the game
  • Emissary no longer drops supplies in invalid locations
  • Fixed a crash occurring in World War battles
  • Hunting progress bar no longer strays from the hunted animal
  • Troops no longer get stuck in the factory
  • Fixed donated troop pop value display in the World War donated troops window
  • Fixed troop progress bar not updating when removing troops from a Barracks or Factory training queue