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The v2.0.x update of DomiNations has been released. The Industrial Age is now available!

Advance to the Industrial Age

  • New units: Biplanes, Zeppelins, and Heavy Tanks
  • New buildings: Airstrip, Bunker, and Air Defense
  • New wonders: Kremlin, Statue of Liberty, Brandenburg Gate, and Eiffel Tower
  • New library techs: Drilling, Savings, Nationalism, and Heavy Weaponry
  • New mercenaries: Gurkhas, Bedouin Raiders, and Flammpanzers
  • New achievements: Take Flight and On the Offensive
  • Generals drive massive tanks on the battlefield at level 21

Titans of Industry Event

  • Players in the Bronze Age or beyond who log in during the event will receive a seven-day blessing that boosts resource production and league food and gold rewards! More details here.

New Viking Conquest Single Player Campaign

  • Battle through Medieval Europe to claim the lands and loot as your own!

Game Balance

  • Towers, Redoubts, and the Castle will be able to attack airplanes (in addition to the new Air Defense)
  • Spike Trap damage increased for levels 2-7
  • Ballista Tower damage increased for all levels
  • Catapult level 3 upgrade XP increased from 3,725 to 4,365
  • Supply Wagon training time has been decreased in half from 30 minutes to 15 minutes
  • Supply Train training cost decreased from 8,000 food to 5,500 food
  • Protect training cost has been increased for all levels to be similar to the cost of other tactics
  • First Aid healing amount has been halved for all levels
  • Betrayal training time has slightly increased
  • Armor, Weapon, and Training Blessings only affect troops trained at the Barracks
  • Factory level 2 max health increased to 1,350
  • Factory construction costs have been changed from food to oil to match the troops it can produce
  • Walls and gates are more effective, making Light Infantry and Siege the only units that can attack over them
  • Gatling Guns have a slightly narrower and more realistic cone of fire
  • Cannon training cost decreased from 20,000 food to 11,000 food
  • Gate level 9-11 upgrade costs have been increased to match the same level Wall upgrade costs
  • Cavalry are now immune to knockback
  • The number of attackers killed to earn Crowns on defense has been slightly increased
  • Generals now deal 6x damage against other generals (up from 3x)

Troop Pathing and Movement Improvements

  • Troops are much, much less likely to target unnecessary walls.
  • Melee units can attack without moving directly next to a Building or Enemy Troop!
  • Troops are less likely to back up before attacking. They’re more likely to get straight into the action!
  • Supply Wagons are less indecisive and will attempt to heal a Troop at least once before switching to a new Troop (but they’ll switch immediately if the intended troop dies.)
  • Merc archers shoot over walls again!

Map Editor Improvements

  • The UI has been modified to allow players to see more of their city
  • Improved performance when using the Pick Up All button
  • Pick Up All will correctly remove no-troop-deploy zones

UI Improvements

  • You can now preview your opponent’s defensive blessings in the Battle HUD before you attack
  • Keyboard no longer blocks the passcode on the “Are you there?” confirmation window
  • Building “tabs” have been added in the army training windows to quickly switch between buildings
  • Defense history will show the level of a general that your opponent deployed against you
  • Support has been added for Android Back button on Wonder Change and Revolution windows
  • Added a Google Play login button during the tutorial

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Troops will no longer stand in formation outside of the Barracks’ boundaries
  • Added visual effects to the Supply Wagon health pack
  • Players can now preview other nations in the Revolution window without needing the required citizens or crowns first
  • Players no longer receive notifications for chat messages they have already viewed
  • Banned users will no longer appear on league leaderboards
  • The Vault will show an icon when your resources can be withdrawn
  • The Vault buttons will no longer overlap after withdrawing resources
  • Traps will show an icon when they are ready to be re-armed
  • Napoleon will no longer defend against nearby attackers while standing on the Castle
  • Sabotage cannot be used without at least one defensive building in range
  • Generals now show their level while standing on the Castle
  • Players can no longer be revenge attacked twice from the same battle
  • Betrayal will no longer kill a converted unit if its health is too low
  • Barrage’s icon will change once the tactic has been upgraded in Industrial
  • Players can no longer search for an opponent (and lose their Peace Treaty) when matchmaking is disabled
  • Players can no longer be attacked while under an active Peace Treaty that was purchased in the Store
  • New Goals added
  • Medal of Honor goal is now based on your current number of medals
  • Players now receive the full refund when canceling a recently-started Wonder
  • Having the '+' symbol in a player name no longer causes multiplayer matchmaking to crash
  • League leaderboards will no longer display players who do not belong in your current league
  • Leaderboard tutorial no longer freezes if the Android native back button is pressed
  • The Greek refund nation power now refunds the correct amount of resources when upgrading either one wall at a time or multiple walls simultaneously
  • The German bonus troop damage nation power is now called ‘Teutonic Fury’ and plays a special animation for troops deployed in battle while active
  • Trees will no longer spawn on top of Oil Seeps
  • The last Forest expansion available in the Classical Age is now clearable in that age


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