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Patch Notes: The Republic of the Philippines v7.3[]

Troop Tray Improvements[]

  • The troop tray has been slightly reorganized to make deployment of troops more fluid.
  • The new troop order is: Rally/Big Red Button/Wonders/Multi-Deploy Air Troops/Troop Tactics/Army units/Generals/Mercenaries/War Tactics/Alliance/Coalitions
  • The troop tray no longer scrolls past the last troop.

New Coalition: Filipinos [available shortly after launch][]

  • First available from the level 7 Embassy, this Coalition will deploy the MD 500 Defender helicopter on defense during World War battles!
  • When formed, this Coalition grants increased General health and reduces damage from invading Airstrip troops.
  • Upgrade your Embassy to level 7 and all of your Coalitions to level 8!

Space Age Building Upgrades[]

  • The Stronghold can now be upgraded to level 6.
  • Sniper Towers can now be upgraded to level 10.
  • Spike Traps can now be upgraded to level 14.
  • The Factory can now be upgraded to level 11, unlocking a new level of the Machine Gun, Commando, Heavy Tank, Bazooka, Armored Car, APC, Tactical Helicopter, and MRL.
  • Expand your Gold income with the addition of more roads. Now with a max of 120 in the Space Age.

Balance Changes[]

  • Dock rewards have been rebalanced and updated across many levels.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits