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v5.7.5.X ‘Higher Learning’ update is out now!

New Library Techs[]

  • Library can now be upgraded to level 11
  • Research 4 new techs: War Reparations, Sentries, Mobile Forces, and Rotorcraft

Mystery Chests[]

  • Open chests from Marco Polo and Sales for a chance at rare rewards
  • Mystery Chests can be found in the Chests tab in the Inventory

Better Loot[]

  • Beginning with Silver II, League Boat Rewards have a chance to contain National Trade Goods
  • Beginning with Kingdom III, Victory Chests have a chance to contain National Trade Goods
  • Improved rewards for watching videos
  • Greatly improved resource rewards for Victory Chests across all leagues
  • Improved resource rewards for the League Boat Rewards, greatly improved beginning in Gold III

Performance Improvements[]

  • Significant reduction in data sizes to reduce network data usage and improve load & transition times

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Fixed a bug preventing building placement while in the Map Editor
  • Fixed an exploit where players could cheat the elapsed time in World War attacks
  • Replaced missing Coalition icons in World War UI
  • Added a check to prevent Alliance Levels from going down
  • Fixed a bug preventing players in Dynasty I league from earning Victory Chests
  • Corrected Friendly Challenge replay error that could occur when watching from a World War
  • Fixed an issue that caused Commandos to become unresponsive after destroying a defensive building
  • Added a fix to prevent World War attacks from earning over 100% damage
  • Security improvements