Patch Notes: The Order of Victory v7.2Edit

General Georgy ZhukovEdit

  • Unlock this new General at your Space Age Fort (level 8).
  • With less health and more damage than other Generals, Zhukov wields a bazooka from his Mil-Mi-2 helicopter!
  • General Zhukov’s bazooka allows him to shoot over walls.

Space Age Building UpgradesEdit

  • Your Oil Well can now be upgraded to level 9.
  • Upgrade your Farms and Caravans to level 22.

Command Post NotificationEdit

  • An icon will now appear over the Command Post after a World War when you have War Loot to collect.
  • If you do not have enough space to collect the resources stored in your Command Post, the notification icon will appear outlined in red.

  • plus Additional Bug Fixes and Improvements
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