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The latest update for DomiNations is on the way! Update 12.7 gives Automation Age players even more Units and Buildings to upgrade. This smaller update also includes a series of bug fixes and updates to UI.

Helpshift Upgrade & Downtime[]

We will be upgrading our Customer Service software with this update. After we migrate to the new system, we will be unable to respond to open tickets remaining on the old system. You will be asked to open another ticket if your request was unresolved at the time of the migration.

We are working diligently to resolve as many open tickets as possible prior to the upgrade. If possible, we kindly ask that you wait to submit any new, nonurgent Customer Support requests until after you have upgraded to the 12.7 Update.

Automation Age Upgrades[]

Spoiler: Building Upgrades[]

Building Upgrade Time Cost Citizens HP XP Amount Storage Capacity
Blacksmith Level 17 15d 27,000,000 Food 4 18,500 5,000 N/A
Vault Level 12 14d 16,500,000 Food 6 95,000 6,000 2,200,000 Food/Gold
30,000 Oil

Spoiler: Unit Upgrades[]

Unit Upgrade Time Cost HP XP Amount DPS
Captain’s Infantry II
Level 18
18d Upgrade 20,000,000 Food
Build 35 Oil
Trieste Infantry II 3,750
2,750 645 (1,290 vs Buildings & Walls)
Bundeswehr II & JSDF Soldier II 774 (1,548)
Captain’s Rifleman II
Level 17
18d Upgrade 20,000,000 Food
Build 40 Oil
710 2,750 285 (2,280 vs Defender)
RGJ Rifleman II 342 (2,736)
PRC Rifleman II 342 (2,736)
Republic Rifleman II 399 (3,192)
Captain’s Patrol Raider II
Level 16
18d Upgrade 21,500,000 Food
Build 110 Oil
3,925 2,750 1,024 (6,144 vs Resource Buildings)
Captain’s MBT II
Level 16
18d Upgrade 28,000,000 Food
Build 500 Oil
AMX-13 Tank II 42,540
Leopard Tank II 38,995
2,750 865 (1,730 vs Defensive Buildings)
AMX-13 Tank II 995 (1,990)
Leopard Tank II 1,081 (2,163)
Captain’s Combat Engineer
Level 14
18d Upgrade 21,500,000 Food
Build 285 Oil
8,189 2,750 Satchel DMG 9,700 (121,250 vs Walls)
Breaching Axe DPS 880
Captain’s Artillery II
Level 13
18d Upgrade 28,000,000 Food
Build 625 Oil
2,700 2,750 1,083 (2,708 vs Buildings)
Captain’s Supply Vehicle II
Level 13
18d Upgrade 28,000,000 Food
Build 525 Oil
13,255 2,750 Healing Per Second 133 (532 for Generals, Tanks, Heavy Tanks, & Assault Vehicles)
Captain’s Field Mortar
Level 12
18d Upgrade 28,000,000 Food
Build 385 Oil
2,600 2,750 840 (4,200 vs Defenders)
Captain’s Attack Helicopter II
Level 8
18d Upgrade 28,000,000 Food
Build 520 Oil
12,000 2,750 Rocket DPS 384 (1,920 vs. Buildings)
Machine Gun DPS 599 (1,799 vs. Defenders)
Captain’s Assault Vehicle II
Level 7
18d Upgrade 28,000,000 Food
Build 615 Oil
23,000 2,750 2,860 (8,580 vs Cavalry, Generals, Heavy Tanks

Additional Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where the health bar of Units with the B.D.A.R. Tools Munition assigned wouldn’t update.
    • We also fixed an issue where the Alliance Perk Emergency Medical Technicians wouldn’t affect the Stationary Healing buff of this Munition.
  • Fixed an issue where the range of Buildings and Traps wouldn’t appear in the Base Editor.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Stars would disappear after clicking an ally base in World War.
  • Updates to Storefront UI
    • Eliminated the Deal Section, these will now be found under the Special Offers section.
    • Updated visual effects for Deal Banner Icons
  • Prior to 12.7, we fixed an issue where some players would run into a network disconnect when trying to place the Free Museum provided in the Gunpowder Age Up Deal. When doing this, players who purchased the deal may have lost their Museum from the Age Up Deal.
    • Compensation for those affected was sent out on 5/30 and was made available until 6/13.