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DomiNations V9.4 Instant Retrain Update[]

Greeting Leaders,

In our v9.4 Instant Retrain Update we’re introducing a new blessing and making a number of bug fixes requested by the community. Check these out below:

New Features and Content[]

Instant Retain Blessing[]

  • This is a purchasable Blessing that allows free Instant Retrain of all armies for 24 Hours
  • This Blessing will be available through future Events and Sales
    • You’ll be able to try out this Blessing for free during its initial release
  • When active, a “Free Retrain All” button will appear on the retrain window

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

We’re continuing to focus on making impactful improvements and addressing players' needs. Some notable changes in this update include:

  • Modifications to the event goal complete banner so it is less obtrusive during battle
  • Donated APC Troops should no longer cause game crash upon death
  • Players should no longer get stuck on the ‘Please Wait’ screen when donating troops to Alliance members
  • Fix an issue with the Sojourner Mar Rover Legendary Artifact where Troop training discounts were not accurately taking effect

We've started rolling this update out to both Android and iOS devices today!