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The Drone Age v11.0 Update Notes[]

Greetings Leaders,

We are celebrating DomiNations 7th year, and we’re very excited to say the time has finally arrived to introduce our 16th Age, The Drone Age. You’ve waged battle alongside us for seven years through the ages, and for players who have progressed through the Information Age, a new set of upgrades await! The Drone Age will make its way to your devices in our next DomiNations 11.0 Release. This update includes new art upgrades to the units, buildings, and mercenaries, but that’s not all that is coming your way for Drone Age. We also have a new building, The Drone Factory, which will be released later this summer!

We’ll start by covering the upgrades available on day one. Once you reach XP level 333 you can upgrade your Town Center to Drone Age, unlocking all of the upgrades listed below. We know many of you are excited to start your planning phase, so here's the upgrade breakdown:

Drone buildings

Building Upgrades:[]

Buildings Defensive Buildings
Barracks Tower
Factory Mortar
Airstrip Anti Tank Gun
Mercenary Camp Machine Gun
Castle Sniper Tower
Armory Air Defense
Stronghold Missile Silo
Vault Wall
Mill Gate
Market Ballista Tower
Oil Refinery Garrison
Farm Bunker
Caravan Signal Flare
Oil Well Armored Ambush Trap
Alliance Gate GCI Radar
Roads S.A.M. Battery
Rocket Arsenal

Drone units

Troop Upgrades[]

The following troops will also receive additional levels.

Barrack Troops Factory Troops Airstrip
Spearhead Infantry Spearhead Machine Gun Spearhead Fighter Mk6
Spearhead Rifleman Spearhead Infiltrator Spearhead Bomber Mk 6
MBT Mk6 Heavy Tank Mk.14 Spearhead Transport Mk 6
Spearhead Patrol Raider Spearhead RPG Spearhead Airborne Infantry
Spearhead Supply Vehicle Armored Car Mk.12 Spearhead Recon Mk6
Spearhead Combat Engineer APC Mk.11
Spearhead Artillery Spearhead Tactical Helicopter
Spearhead Field Mortar MRL Mk.9
Spearhead Attack Helicopter
Heavy Assault Vehicle Mk.4

Drone age units1 Drone age units3

Additional Buildings[]

So those are the units you can plan around to level up, but what about additional builds? Upon reaching Drone Age, players can build 1 extra unit for the S.A.M. Battery, the GCI Radar, the Signal Flare, Bunker, and seven extra walls.

Additional Buildings Increase
S.A.M. Battery +1
GCI Radar +1
Signal Flare +1
Bunker +1
Walls +7


A level upgrade to the Mercenary Camp means there are new arrivals, the United Nations Peacekeeper and the Yatagan Tank. The United Nations Peacekeeper is a ranged infantry unit, while the Yatagan Tank is part of the Heavy Cavalry. Drone age units2

New Building - Drone Factory (working title)[]

While upgrades are expected with the arrival of a new age, we still have one more thing up our sleeve! Our team has been working hard on a new building called the Drone Factory which will introduce Offensive and Defensive Drones to DomiNations. These Drones will be useable in War and Multiplayer and will present Drone Age players with new strategic opportunities on both offense and defense. We’ve seen a few discussions online about Drones and can confirm that how these will be used in battle are as a new addition to gameplay and not connected to the Airstrip Recon plane upgrade.

The Drone Factory will not be available at launch but work is underway and we’re expecting it to launch later this summer. There’s plenty to talk about here, and we can’t wait to dive in and share all of the details. We know you have plenty of questions about what to expect once the Drone Factory releases, so be on the lookout for a future blog as we get closer to release!