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DomiNations v9.5 Update[]

Greeting Leaders!

We’re making several interface changes to create a better experience for players while looking through current events, sales, and building options.

You’ll soon see these changes:

  • All purchasables moved to an updated ‘Shop’ button, which will include
    • VIP Store
    • Special Offers
    • Events
    • Crown and Resource stores
    • Announcements
  • Improved layout of multi-tiered sales to better indicate total steps and progress
  • ‘Store’ button will be renamed to ‘Build’ buttonWith these changes you’ll also find additional one-time, double Crown offers!

Legendary Tokens

We’re excited to introduce a new currency that will soon be added to the DomiNations economy; Legendary Tokens!

When released:

  • Legendary Tokens can be used in trades with Marco Polo for Legendary Artifacts
    • Marco Polo’s Legendary wares will rotate roughly every week
  • Legendary Tokens can be acquired through Legendary Chests, Event passes, and Video Rewards

* Please Note: Legendary Tokens will not be available immediately after the update goes live, but will release in the coming weeks!Bug Fixes and Improvements

We’re continuing to focus on making impactful improvements and addressing players' needs. Some changes in this update include:

  • Fixed multiple issues with unintentional text appearing when joining or accepting players in invite-only alliances
  • Library Technology titles should now display correctly during World War