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Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations update 11.9 is on the way! This update features a few bug fixes and some minor UI fixes.

  • Bunkers will correctly spawn units in World Wars even if your Base Oil reserve is empty
    • We believe it’s unfair to the player experience to have to ensure that your oil reserve is filled up prior to defending during a World War attack as there is no telling when an attack may occur on both your WW and Primary base. We’ve fixed an issue that would unintentionally require you to fill up your Bunker for it to activate during WWs.
  • Someone bumped the Rosetta Stone display in players’ museums. We’ve straightened that out.
  • Fixed some visual issues around turning pages in the Councilor Collection window, and other Councilor UI.
  • Updated the Bomber unit information window text to better fit the window.
  • Fixed an issue where Event Buildings would count toward the max building of that type.
    • If you had the room on your base to build for example 2 Airstrips, and only had 1 Airstrip with an Event Building that built Airstrip Troops, the Event Building would be counted toward your maximum building allowance. This same issue applied to Event Buildings that trained Barracks Troops. In these instances, you would be unable to build the additional Airstrip or Barrack until the Event Building expired. This is no longer the case in 11.9 and is an extension of the Night Witch hangar fix in 11.8.1.
  • Additional UI fixes
  • Increased security has been implemented to help prevent external tampering.
    • This has been the latest addition to our ongoing effort to combat cheating in DomiNations.