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The Vault is under new management!

Beginning in 6.2, please find the following updates to the Vault:

  1. Beginning at level 3, you can now store a base value of 2,400 Oil in your Vault.
  2. The Library tech Savings (Chaper 3) now grants a bonus 6,000 Oil Capacity. This is added at the end, after any other bonuses.
  3. The Library tech Savings (Chaper 5) now grants an additional bonus of 2,000 Oil Capacity. This is added at the end, after any other bonuses.
  4. In the University, Emperor Moctezuma's Vault Capacity skill has been increased to provide +7% bonus to your base Vault capacity for each step. With a maximum number of 10 steps, you can now increase your Vault base deposit amount by up to 70%.How does that all work?

With a level 3 Vault, Savings (chapter 3) and 5 steps of Emperor Moctezuma's skill researched, we can expect the following Vault Oil storage:

2,400 (base Oil storage) + 35% bonus (5 steps of Moctezuma's skill bonus) = 3,240 Oil (base + University)

We can then add in the Library bonus of +6,000 (Savings, Chapter 3) = 9,240 Oil (Grand Total!)

After 24 hours, the 5% interest (from Savings, Chapter 1) is still added on top of the total deposited!

*Please keep in mind that Vault levels 1 & 2 do not have base Oil storage. University research for Vault Capacity will not affect Oil deposits until you reach Vault level 3, and unlock the 2,400 base storage. Oil deposits to the Vault through Library research is counted as a flat bonus to the total Oil capacity.*