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v3.7 Update Notes

The v3.7.x update of DomiNations is available!

Engine Update![]

  • We upgraded DomiNations’ underlying engine and made some much needed improvements; we hope that players experience fewer crashes and increased stability!

Alliance Improvements![]

  • Updates to Alliance search mean it’s easier than ever to find Alliances
  • The Alliance window now displays Allies’ activity, lifetime Donations, and the ability to sort Allies by these fields
  • Use the new custom troop request messages to let your Allies know exactly what your army needs
  • Found an Alliance? Bookmark it and other Alliances for easy future access!
  • Stay coordinated! Leaders can now message their whole Alliance via the in-game Inbox!

Even More Events![]

  • Get ready for new events in the upcoming weeks with unique new rewards!

Bug Fixes and Improvements![]

  • Players will now receive local notifications if they have unclaimed Event rewards
  • Garrisoned Defenders no longer appear after moving buildings in Layout Editor
  • The Friends tab in the Leaderboard window is now sorted
  • Recommendation text for troops now correctly displays
  • Added sound effect when tapping a Tactics Blessing
  • Fixed formatting bug with caused some Inbox messages to overlap
  • Troop portraits are no longer cut off in info window
  • Victory stars more reliably appear as intended in Battle Results screens
  • Event icons now use numbered red bubble notifications
  • Fixed Donated Troops info window text
  • Improved recommended slot for troops when Blacksmith or Armory isn’t at max level for a given age
  • Fixed Library special deals not cancelling when Tech research is started
  • Fixed a bug causing a few high definition devices to use low resolution assets
  • Unified scroll behaviors across all windows
  • Fixed a crash on World War post report screen
  • Troops requests no longer prevent chat messages from appearing
  • Cooldown timers on Wonders no longer get stuck at 0 seconds if you tap on a Wonder as the cooldown ends
  • Catapults and Mortars fire animation updated
  • World War history now sorted by date
  • Blitzkrieg Tactic icon now appears in the Brandenburg Gate info window
  • Refined calculation for player XP