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The Space Age 7.0 Update[]

v7.0 ‘The Space Age’ update of DomiNations is coming soon!

The Space Age[]

  • Advance your civilization to the next age of history to acquire new troop and building upgrades!
  • Research four new techs at Library Level 13: Microprocessor, Archaeology, Anti-aircraft, and Offensive Ballistics
  • Employ the services of new Mercenaries! The Soldier of Fortune, 2K12 Kub, and Heavy Tank Destroyer can be hired at Mercenary Camp level 12
  • Generals can now be upgraded to level 70
  • Construct one of four new wonders: Lotus Temple, World Fair Unisphere, Very Large Array, and Space Shuttle!

New Functionality: Offensive Missile Silo[]

  • Beginning at level 6, your Missile Silo can now be armed with Oil.
  • Launch missiles at your enemies while attacking their base!

New University Leader - Sally Ride[]

  • Research her skill tree at the University to improve your DOMINATION bonus, troop donation, Factory units, and Assault Rally.
  • Harness the power of her Capstone, Missile Command, which increases the Offensive Missile Silo Reticles by 2.
  • Upgrade your University to level 8 in order to research all of Sally Ride’s skill tree.

2nd Airstrip[]

  • Similar to the Factory, this additional building will let you queue air units twice as fast.
  • Increase your air force with additional air capacity.
  • Begin construction on the second Airstrip in the Atomic Age!

Museum Improvements[]

  • Sell unwanted Artifacts as soon as they are crafted.
  • Artifacts and their boosts are color-coded by their power.
  • Equip more Legendary Artifacts with the addition of a 3rd slot!

Balance Changes[]

  • The S.A.M. Battery will deal more damage at level 4 and above!
  • Do more damage with your Atomic and Cold War level Air Defenses!
  • Fighters will be slightly weaker all around - hitpoints, damage, building suppression
  • Bombers will be able go on more runs -able to sustain more hits but do less damage
  • You can now construct more Walls per age!

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Corrected the War Chest titles for all languages
  • Prevented extra Forests from being removed during tutorial
  • Stopped the War Chest noise when sounds are muted
  • Prevented crash that could occur when placing Tactical Helicopters
  • Allow players to purchase starter packs on crowded bases
  • Corrected the attack speed boost from Library and Coalitions
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits