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Drone Age Upgrades[]

DomiNations Update 11.7 adds an additional upgrade level to the following buildings for Drone Age:

  • Farm from 27>28
  • Caravan from 27>28
  • Wall from 23>24
  • Gate from 23>24
  • Parliament from 6>7

UI Updates[]


(Actual Prices may vary)​

Multiple Events[]

Players will now be able to purchase Multiple Event passes starting with Season 1: New Horizons in April.

Multiple Events will give players the opportunity to earn even more rewards week to week. In this introductory version of Multiple Event Passes, you’ll have access to the Standard Season Pass which will last the entirety of Season 1: New Horizons and each week will offer a Standard Episodic Event Pass.

We’re planning to introduce the Legendary Passes in the following season.

Updated Account Deletion[]

This was a visual update to make this process clearer for account deletion.

Replay and Friendly Challenges[]

We’ve been working on confirming that Council Committee Bonuses are working as intended. We have found that all Committee Bonuses do work as intended but were unfortunately not appearing in Replays or Friendly Challenges which would be a great way to see what they do, and test out the best Committee for your Army Composition.

With this update, Committee Bonuses will now appear correctly in both Replays and Friendly Challenges.

  • We are still working on getting Red Cloud’s Committee Bonus to appear in these instances. But can confirm that this bonus is working as intended.