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Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations Update 12.4 gives you the power to challenge rival Alliances with ease, and enter the fray with a Custom World War! In Custom World Wars you’ll have the freedom to take on any Alliance you choose. We’re also changing the requirements to obtain Conqueror’s Chests for Leaders with more defensive-oriented strategies, and cleaning up the Storefront.

Custom World War[]

A brand new feature to DomiNations will let you challenge rival Alliances on demand! Custom World Wars will let you and fellow Leaders easily set up Wars. In this mode, you’ll be able to test various strategies as all benefits from World Wars will apply, including Council, Museum, University, Library, Manufactory, and even Coalitions!

These Custom World Wars will not give a War Chest, Glory, Alliance XP, basic resources, or Rubies for participating. Custom World Wars also have the same duration as a regular World War. You won’t be able to queue for a World War or Custom World War if there is an active War phase for either mode. You’ll want to keep in mind that Alliances won’t be able to leave a Custom World War until it is completed.

When creating a Custom World War, you’ll go to the same menu as though you were setting up a search for a World War, you’ll then receive a Custom World War ID that you can share with the Alliance you wish to enter a Custom World War with.

When receiving a Custom World War ID, head to the World War menu and select ‘Join Custom World War’. Inputting the Custom World War ID of the game you’re trying to join will take both Alliances into the planning phase!

This should give you the freedom to easily set up your own rules for various community-made challenges. Go for a Tanks-only war; maybe take your chances at going for a war without a Museum or Councilor set. We hope you enjoy challenging Alliances in this new addition to your War experience when it goes live on 4/1!

Conqueror’s Chests[]

Currently, if you decide to go for a full defensive build in World Wars, it can be tough to meet the requirements for a Conqueror’s Chest. We believe you shouldn’t receive a lesser reward because you dedicated yourself to helping your Alliance achieve victory by playing defensively. As such, we’re updating the requirements for receiving a Conqueror’s Chest!

Conqueror’s Chests will now be rewarded to all players of the winning Alliance so long as you complete both of your Attacks. The requirements for the Cadet’s and Combatant’s Chests will remain the same.

Automation Age Upgrades[]

The next wave of upgrades for Automation Age Leaders is on the way! This time we’re looking at the Command Post and Mercenary Camp.

Building Upgrade Time Citizens Cost HP XP Amount
Command Post 16d 4 15,000,000 Food 27,464 6,000
Mercenary Camp (Level 16 Max. Mercenaries - 6) 17d 4 21,000,000


17,245 5,500

Spoiler: Level 16 Mercenaries[]

Unit HP DPS Bonus DPS Range Req’d Goods
PMC Operative (Mercenary Heavy Infantry) 1,375 352 176 Against Infantry 1.5 9 Leather
9 Fur
MX-7 Gagamba (Mercenary Raider) 3,410 615 1,845 Against Resource Buildings 1.5 10 Cider
10 Leather
Type 10 Heavy Tank (Mercenary Heavy Tank) 36,650 1950 7,800 Against Cavalry, Generals, and Heavy Tanks 1.25 11 Cider
5 Diamond

Storefront Update[]

In 12.4 we’ve done a bit of reorganizing to our in-game storefront! Some sales will now be sorted into groups, and each group will have multiple deals for easier navigation and visibility of the contents within the sale. For example, an option for Troop Tactic deals will be listed and can feature multiple options within that category. This is in lieu of each individual option being available on the left side of this menu.

(Samples of what these groups will look like with update 12.4, these images don't necessarily reflect actual bundles or items available in the store)

Our step-up deals will not feature this updated look, however, this should reduce some of the scrolling when navigating the storefront and get you back to playing faster!

Additional Fixes[]

  • Removed the 2nd Defensive Drone that would spawn for Alliances that had Perk 23.
    • A 2nd Defensive Drone spawning was not intentional for the combination of Drone Command and Alliance Perk 23. Because of that the destruction of the Drone Command wouldn’t remove this 2nd Defensive Drone as it wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. This update now has the Drone Command building working as intended.
  • You can now select another Museum Loadout without it reverting back to Loadout 1.
    • This fix is a continuation of the Museum Loadout fixes in update 12.3. If this issue persists or any further issues arise, please reach out to our CS Team.